Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh, the games we play!

This week was super hot, so we mostly played indoors. I took the kids to the playground on Saturday morning and no one was happy. We took the kids to the pool that evening, and someone had had an "accident" in the big pool, so that was closed. We decided not to go at all this week.

Instead, we played a lot of "animal rescue center," where we "fix" the animals in Olivia's room. Sometimes we feed them, sometimes we bandage them with toilet paper, sometimes we put blankets on them and read them stories... Sometimes that looks so fun that Olivia wants to be tucked in, too, with Leo in her bed...

Leo continues to amaze me with his tolerance for tummy time. Here he is playing in his crib one day this week. He is really moving those legs!

Olivia is also really good at puzzles now. She knows her shapes and can put them in the correct spot really quickly. She likes to work the big bird floor puzzle that Aunt Beki gave her for Christmas, too, but that takes more concentration and time. Have I written that she can sing the ABC song? She can! It's so cool! But, it's not the one with the same melody as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (although she can almost sing that song since she thinks that Leo likes it, and he does), it is the Alpha Pig one from Super Why. I started singing that one to her about a month ago and she requests it a lot.

We've also been playing ballerina a lot. We borrowed the book "The Little Ballet Star" from the library and we have been acting it out for two weeks. Olivia has several pages memorized, and although we have returned the book, she likes to say and act out "I do my plies. I point my toes just exactly right. I twirl and spin. Everyone claps!" My part in this scenario is to play Aunt Gina. Olivia is Tilly. She wants me to say, "Come up on stage, Tilly, darling!" There is a part in the book where Tilly gets make-up on in the make-up room and says, "I look like a pink apple." That is Olivia's favorite line! Her princess tent is the make-up room, her closet is the dressing room, and we set up curtains and a stage in the living room this week. I forgot to get a picture.

In Leo news, tooth number two came in on Monday night! He has been super fussy in the evenings and hasn't been sleeping well. After posting about this on Facebook, I got lots of suggestions, so here he is with one: a frozen breast milk pop. He likes them and they seem to ease the discomfort. Hooray!

In other Olivia news, she asked me for Dora panties at the store the other day. Then she wanted Minnie panties, too. The next morning, she asked to wear them. (My theory behind this is she will train herself when she is ready, so I ask her if she wants to use the potty several times every day, but she usually doesn't take me up on it.) Then she went successfully on the potty! Hooray! Then she wanted her diaper back on and hasn't asked for the panties since. Whatever.

Also, we've had all good behavior at school since last week. I think Olivia was just feeling left out because I was spending so much time with Leo since he had been so fussy with teething. Awareness is a good thing and I feel like I am doing a better job balancing them.


  1. What a great week! Those are the ones that keep you going!
    Good work!

  2. Glad you all had a fun week and were able to stay cool!

  3. I love that she's acting out books. Looks like you've had fun.