Sunday, June 3, 2012

Loving these babies!

Olivia continues her language explosion. On Saturday morning, we had this conversation:

Olivia: What's that?
Me: That's sausage.
Olivia: For me?
Me: Yes, for you.
Olivia: Fantastico! (Obviously, Olivia is loving Dora the Explorer lately.)

Our evening routine has gotten so that I give Leo his bath and feed him while Nicholas gives Olivia her bath and reads to her. I probably haven't given Olivia bath for several weeks. This routine is so ingrained now that Olivia tells me to go check on Leo or fold clothes if I try to partake in the routine. She is loving Daddy so much these days. I'm not looking forward to the day, which I see quickly approaching, when she is purely Daddy's girl! But, I love that their bond has increased so much. Nicholas often reads to Olivia for upwards of 30 minutes every night. Olivia loves all the books we've been getting at the library every week. We try to get five to ten new ones--usually Dora, Diego, Max and Ruby, etc. She requests them and I try to find them.

Olivia has quite the imagination lately, too. I hear her playing with Daddy while she is in the bath tub. She called him "Doctor Daddy" tonight and she was "Doctor Olivia." Here's what I heard:

Olivia: What hurts, Doctor Daddy?
Nicholas: My ear hurts, Doctor Olivia.
Olivia: I can fix that for you. (moment) Woof! (When Olivia's pediatrician looks in Olivia's ears, she pretends that there is a cat or a dog in there.)
Olivia: All better now?
Nicholas: Yes, all better.

And here is Olivia reading to Leo in her crib the other morning. Can you spot the picture Olivia took?

This is Olivia at one of her friends' 2nd birthday party on Saturday. Olivia LOVED the cupcake icing! Several of the moms commented on Olivia's "amazing" vocabulary. One was floored that Olivia was counting (up to 15) as she ran around. I'm totally proud!

And Leo is continuing his solid foods. He went from one teaspoon of oatmeal last Saturday to one tablespoon plus some prunes this Sunday. I am still just doing one feeding a day. I'll work my way up. He's doing great! We are still struggling with the sleep, however. He just wants to nurse all night. And I have created a monster...actually two...because I bring him to bed and fall asleep when he nurses. Bad, bad, bad. But a hard habit to break.

And Nicholas had his annual beginning of the REU party here on Saturday. Here are Olivia and Leo pre-party. Notice that Olivia had some calls to make on her fake pink cell phone in the second picture:


  1. She'll be doing integrals by 4th grade! :)

  2. Once Abby came along, Greg took over bed/bath duties with Nate (until we could bathe them together, around 7-8 months). I miss that special time with Nate, but know he looks forward to his "Daddy Time" each day.

    You are doing a great job being a mommy of two!!