Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Olivia's school is doing Boosterathon again!

Seriously, y'all! I thought we would get a year off, but they are doing it again this year. Consider pledging! (Remember that she will run 35 laps, so even a $1 per lap donation is big. You can also do a flat donation of any amount by choosing "Flat Donation".)

Here's the video:

And here is where you pledge! They are trying to get someone from every state to pledge, so if you can do a flat donation of $5, Olivia would be thrilled!


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Jason's 18 month photos

I couldn't make it work to have them taken this time, so I took them this morning. Even though they don't look quite professional, I am pleased to get some cute smiles!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Leo in the middle

This guy! Leo turned 4 1/2 on August 1, and we celebrated with some cake and special playtime! He is at such a fun age and is such a unique kid, who probably doesn't get as much attention as our other two. Birth order really is a thing! Here are a few facts about Leo:

* Leo loves Legos and will play with them on his own or with Olivia for tens of minutes at a time...or even longer!

* Leo loves to build with anything!

* Leo loves to dive and swim and jump in the water! He has taken swim lessons throughout the summer--rather inconsistently lately with all the sickness in our house--and has done great!!

* Leo took his turn with illness last week with an eye infection and ear infection which then led into some kind of head cold. Poor baby had a fever in this photo and asked me to turn on his "good night" music--"Let It Go" and he promptly fell asleep. 

* Leo is going into PreK in September. He knows all his letters and sounds, is reading a bit, can write his name, and is very ready to go back to preschool!

* Leo wants to learn martial arts! We read a lot of Lego and ninja books now, and he is totally into them! He starts Tae Kwon Do in less than two weeks!

* Leo is funny! He likes silly jokes and tries to tell them. He usually walks into our room in the morning and yells, "Boo!" Thankfully, we are usually awake beforehand!

* Leo is a gamer. He loves playing games on the iPad, computer, and watching Dad and Olivia play minecraft on the playstation. 

* Leo is our most laid back kid. I can get work done with him in the house like I can't with the others. When Jason naps, he is happy to sit next to me and work on ABCmouse.com or play with Legos while I work. He likes to show me stuff, but isn't overly interrupting.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

27 months pregnant + 37 months nursing, Done!

Wow! After 27 months of being pregnant and 37 months of nursing, my body is just mine again! With the rough start to nursing I had with Olivia, I was doubly glad to be able to nurse Leo and Jason nearly 18 months each. I had to stop nursing Leo cold turkey because I was so bad at weaning. Jason is sleeping through the night so weaning him has been better.

Friday, July 29 was my last day of nursing Jason. We were down to two to three times a day. Nicholas put him to bed while I went out, and we made it through the weekend without too much push back from Jason. Nicholas even got him to take a nap in his crib in Sunday!  

This is our trip to Dunkin last Sunday...we all deserved it!

Jason, Leo, and I went to marbles Monday...

And by Tuesday Jason was sick... Really sick. His fever got up to 104 on Thursday even though he started antibiotics Wednesday. He was diagnosed with strep and an ear infection on Wednesday, but by Saturday his fever continued. His ears were worse, so he got new antibiotics then. Thank goodness his fever finally broke that evening. It was quite a week and he was pretty frustrated and unhappy. He fell asleep on me several times, which is highly unusual. Poor, sweet baby!

Sunday morning he was feeling better, so we went for a short boat trip. It was Olivia and Nicholas's first kayak ride! They had fun and made much more progress around the lake than we did. We had fun, too, in the paddle boat. Jason fell asleep on the way home.

The rest of the day was inside building forts and watching a movie while thunderstorms passed.

Being finished nursing is bittersweet. I'm glad to have my body back, but there really is a certain bond between a mom and her nursing child. However, now when Jason wakes at five, I am much more motivated to go out for a walk or jog rather than sit and nurse!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The violin!! It begins!

I'm so excited for Olivia on this journey! I hope she sticks with it! She is really excited so far!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Jason is 18 months old!!

Wow!! Jason is already 18 months old as of July 20! He is doing SO much!

* Jason is sleeping through the night on a very regular basis! A typical schedule for him is sleeping 7:15pm-6:15am and napping 11:30-1:00. Actually, that's the ideal schedule that happens sometimes. Often it is all moved back 30 minutes. And sometimes he wakes at 4:55. 
* Jason is skipping, running, throwing balls, jumping with one foot off the ground, jumping off couches and tables and into pools!
* Jason signs "more" and "please". He points and often says the start of words like "ww" for water and "mm" for moo cow. He has said the words "up", "cat", "dog", "dada", "duck", "mama", "that", "uh-oh", "wow" and makes the noises "roar", "blah", and "yuck." He only says dog and dada on a regular basis, though. We've discussed a possible speech delay with the pediatrician and an ENT and audiologist, but they feel confident that (1) Jason's hearing is sound, and (2) his receptive communication is stellar. Bringing us to,
* Jason understands. He can point to his head, eyes, nose, ears, belly button, feet, legs, and hair. Or any of those parts on another person. He understands when I ask if he is hot and may ask to take off clothes. He understands when I ask him to go get something or stop doing something. He is a smart boy and I can see the cleverness in his eyes.
* Jason has a sweet tooth. The boy would not eat a fruit or vegetable all day if I didn't insist. I have drawn a line in the sand and am insisting on him eating what we eat. Bringing us to,
* Jason cries and throws tantrums on the floor. He gets frustrated with the food fights and on occasion when he can't get his point across.
* Jason loves "Harry the Dirty Dog", "Goodnight Moon", "Little Blue Truck" the beep beep book, and "Time for Bed."
* Jason thinks he is a big kid: he wants to play with Olivia and Leo whatever they are doing, which is hard sometimes when those things aren't toddler friendly. 
* Jason is a Momma's boy. Probably because I am with him during the day so much and because I am still nursing him. (I never thought I would this long, but it has gotten so easy...) He plays with Nicholas, but after about two hours, he looks for me.
* Jason weighs 25 lbs 8 ounces (70%), is 32.75 inches (55%), and has the biggest head in the 97th percentile. Ha! He's a cutie!!

Here are some recent pictures. I am having his 18 month photos taken professionally next week.

Jason insisted on wearing Leo's pajama pants!! Ha!

Playing "hayride" with brother!

Getting a haircut! He was so good!

He loves to color and play with play dough!

Here he is making a mess in the sink!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

First day of first grade!! 7/11/16

It happened!! Olivia did great! She loves her teacher and is glad half of her Kindergarten class is with her still! 

I love this tooth blank smile!

Look how much she's grown!!

She was finished with pictures here!

And she was thrilled to get some homework! Spelling test at the end of the week!

Plus an example of her work from Wednesday--the third day--showing "inventive spelling" that they teach:

I had a swim meet. I swam backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. I won three ribbons. They were participations. I got an icee. I stayed up past my parents bedtime.