Monday, October 23, 2017

Fall is finally here!

We've been playing outside--alone and with the neighbors--enjoying these fall days! I am thankful for our backyard that has afternoon shade and for friendly neighbors who join in play when we are out! 

Yes, that is duck, duck, goose!

We've been walking home from school regularly and stopping at a small playground on the way home. I appreciate these little moments of the kids being a team and also getting to hear about their days organically.

Jason is doing "well" at school meaning that he goes and comes home without tears, plays nicely with others, and stays dry there. He likes to carry his own backpack and lunchbox now.

We went to the pumpkin patch Sunday and had fun, even though it was warmer than we dressed for. We ❤️ this time of year!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

YGuides camping trip

Have I told you that Nicholas and Olivia are in a YGuides troop? It's kind of like Girl Scouts, but for fathers and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade daughters (or sons so Leo will be able to form a troop next year). This is their second year, and Nicholas is the chief this year. They have been doing some fun activities including camping this past weekend! Nicholas and Olivia had a great time with their friends! Here are some pictures...

The campsite:



Before bed 

In the morning 


I am so glad they are having this special time together!

Friday, October 6, 2017

The rest of track out and tracking back in

We had such an activity filled track out! When we got back from our trip, the big kids went to a two hour class on Reptiles at Hemlock Bluffs while Jason was at preschool on Tuesday. They did some crafts, went on a nature walk in a restricted area with their teacher, and learned a lot! Jason went back to school without tears, so everyone did great!

Wednesday the kids and I went to Jordan Lake Beach for the first time, and IT WAS AWESOME!! The kids played for literally hours and I had at least an hour--in tens of minutes--to eat my lunch and just breath!! We brought the hammock from Uncle Chuck and it worked great! Jordan Lake is a hidden gem! We will definitely be going back!

Thursday we packed snacks for snack pantry and did music lessons. Leo got his new book, which is his third since January. He is flying in lessons and is going up in levels! Olivia is doing great, too! I need to post some of her recordings from lessons...

Friday we went to the Life and Science Museum with our friends Lindsey and Logan again, and made sure to see what we skipped last time. Five hours of fun!

We rested over the weekend with just little play dates for the kids, and one party Nicholas and I went to. 

Then: track-in!! Woot woot! The big kids did great--no tears! Tuesday Jason did great, and I got a hair cut! Woot woot!

Wednesday Jason and I went to Pullen park with friends 

And this week we walked home from school every day except Thursday--music lessons day. We all loved getting back to that!

Friday, September 29, 2017

IN/KY trip, September 2017

We packed in a lot of relatives in a few days! First stop: Grandpa Bill and Tamara's with Uncle Chuck and Andrea coming in from Chicago to see everyone! Andrea was a really good sport with the kids--from listening to their stories to grading their leaps onto the guest bed, she was an instant favorite!

Uncle Chuck made dinner and sat with the kids and made them clear their plates in a super fun way! He brought them a hammock and swing them in it like the fun uncle that he is! I love the way they interact!

Grandpa took us out for ice cream as soon as we got there, bought the kids their familiar foods to have at his house, showed them his cats and art and flowers, and let them run wild through Tamara and his usually peaceful home! Tamara let Olivia follow her around soaking up little tidbits of life--beauty in the shape of perfume bottles and a porcelain doll Olivia plays with each trip.

Friday we hung out with Mutti! Her dog Bug immediately commenced training with the kids as trainers. Andrea and Uncle Chuck kept playing with our little balls of energy. This trip was probably good birth control for them!

Friday evening the kids and I went out to Elizabeth while Nicholas stayed with his mom to do some chores. Aunt Heidi, Isaac, and Asher were there when we got there, so we immediately started playing!

Saturday was a big day! We rode horses, dug sweet potatoes, played in the sprinklers and the stock tank, and had an outdoor movie night! Whew!

Digging sweet potatoes 🍠 

Playing in the sprinkler

Which led to playing in the stock tank 

While the rest of us were enjoying the beautiful day from the front porch

After baths and dinner, we made s'mores

Later Abby and Olivia moved cows using the Kubota 

Then we had an outdoor movie! The kids LOVED it! Leo and Luke jumped and acted out the movie most of the time! They got to bed way too late!

Sunday we visited Mutti again while Jason took a nap, then headed to the zoo with Grandpa Bill and Tamara to end our packed family trip! The kids were exhausted, but got to ride camels and carousels and ponies! Whew! That was a whirlwind, but I am so grateful that our family lets us pick a time to come in and welcomes us as we explode into their space!