Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snow!! And snow days!

We got about a half inch of sleet and a half inch of sno Friday night to Saturday morning, so we had a morning of sledding on our driveway and a three days off school! Whoa! Some parts of the county got more snow, and the temp went above freezing for the first time today, so I guess I see that...

Here was the fun part!




By Saturday afternoon, the ice on our driveway was melted, so we went to the hill by our pool that remains in the shade, so it stayed frozen through Monday.

Jason wasn't sure about the snow at first.

By the end of the day, Jason jumped on the sled and went himself if we weren't fast enough!

Walking home at sunset in 22 degree weather.
Snocones from concentrated Kool Aid:

And more fun each day! Sunday:

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Grandma and Grandpa's New Years visit

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit for New Year's and we had so much fun visiting with them! They got in on Friday, the 30th and we visited and played. They stayed with us on the third floor since we have an extra king mattress up there now. It was SO nice having them stay with us...we had a much better visit since we got to see them more. The kids really took to Grandpa like never before...probably because they got to see so much of him since he wasn't working on the farm and they weren't distracted by cousins.

Saturday we went to Yates Mill park and walked through the woods and near the mill. We hung out at the visitors' center before going back to watch football on New Year's Eve!


After a holiday meal of turkey and veggies, Mom and Dad hit the road! We had fun!

Christmas Day, 2016

We had such a relaxing Christmas this year! Honestly, it was the best one we've had in a while! Nicholas and I didn't stay up too late the night before, we accepted the fact that we would get nothing done the next day except play, we weren't packing to leave, and we just enjoyed each other.

This was the Christmas Eve scene at bedtime...

The kids slept until 6:45!! Then...the excitement was evident!!




I made grandma's carmel rolls, we played, Facetimed, napped, and played some more. By the end of the day, there were still toys on the floor and we had only left the house for about an hour for Olivia to roller blade in the street! What a fun day!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Family photos, fall 2016

Ha! We took these ourselves in the neighbors backyard when our photographer canceled! 









Christmas activities 2016

Leo's Christmas play:

I love Leo's school's Christmas play! They allow the kids to choose the part they want, so there are many Mary's and Joseph's. Leo was a wise man and was super cute!





Olivia and I got to go to the Nutcracker again this year and had a great time! Olivia looked lovely, and the performance was special since we took more notice of the orchestra and the music since Olivia is playing violin now. Since this was her fourth time seeing it, she was also a critique of the emphasis of different story elements!


This photo cracks me up! I wasn't sure if Olivia was tall enough for me to just stand next to her. Answer: no! Also, no shoes! Ha! Also, Jason's coming!!!

Sweet, beautiful girl!

Cookie exchange:

So much fun! Yes, I made Rice Krispie Treats...there is just no time!!


Christmas Eve:

We made gingerbread houses in the morning, and had our traditional take out Chinese food on China in the evening! Perfect!


Christmas cards:

I only ordered and sent 50 cards this year, down from 100 last year. I regretted not having the extra cards to give out to all our local friends. I will be going back to 100 next year! I love snail mail!