Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March track out (post 2)

We hit the road on Friday for Indiana. Our three kids have been asking when we will get to Craig and Abby's house for weeks!! They had so much fun playing together! I am very thankful for how well they all get along!

Saturday we got to see Abby cheer! 

The kids loved just playing together in the basement. Craig even built the tracks for Jason! ❤️❤️❤️

And they played their favorite game of "bears" complete with new den! 😂😂
That evening we all had dinner together with a kids table and an adult table!


Sunday, Nicholas took the kids to his Dad's while I got to go to brunch with my brother Wilson and his family and my Aunt Vicky and her family. It was SO nice to get to visit with everyone. I got a kick out of listening to Bill, my fourteen year old nephew, talk about school and life. He's super positive and astute. My niece Madeline is graduating from college in May and seems so accomplished and grown up, already working at an accounting firm. It was fun to see Beki and Jackson, and to reminisce with Andrea and Erika. I felt very lucky!



Stephanie kept our kiddos while Nicholas and I had a night away Sunday!! Look at this brave soul putting five kids to bed!!

Then she and Grandma Dorothy took them to the zoo on Monday!


We spent the day Tuesday in the farm. I ❤ farm play! So do the kids!







Little Leo is growing up!

Leo had his first buzz haircut, a la Nicholas, a couple of weekends ago. I was sick of paying $15 for bad haircuts and Nicholas was willing. Leo did great!! There was about 2 inches of hair on the floor!

And a few weeks ago, Leo asked to go into Olivia's violin lesson. When he heard Polina accompany Olivia on the piano, he leaned over and said he wanted to learn to play piano! I jumped at the chance and five days later he had his first lesson. His teacher was great, and Leo practiced several times each day after that lesson!


Friday, March 17, 2017

March track out (post 1)

Five libraries in five days in order to get dozens of Rainbow Magic chapter books, painting pottery while I steal wifi and work, museums, parks, playgrounds, and once out to eat to celebrate a great report card!

Red Robin, yummmm!

Playing at Pullen!


Little pink riding hood in the backyard! I love that Olivia plays pretend!


Natural science museum, which we love


Painting pottery

Olivia's first science fair!

Olivia completed her first science fair on Thursday, March 2. She decided to test "Can sound waves travel through objects" after looking through a book on sound experiments at the library. She did a great job following the scientific process. She amazed me with her computer skills logging into her school's site and bringing up Google docs to record her observations. Her project took second prize for first grade! She did most of it herself, as can be seen from the slightly off balance gluing job. I helped her follow the science fair directions and made her include all the right categories. She was so proud! We were, too!


Sunday, February 26, 2017

The rest of February

We had Leo's birthday party on February 4 at home. He invited three friends, and it was loosely Nexo Knight themed. They decorated cardboard shields, launched marshmallows with popsicle stick catapults, played all over the house, and ate junk! So much fun!


We also hit the zoo one weekend:

Took an art class to make Seven Dwarves masks!

Went to a new playground:

Had a fun Valentines Day with Leo's class:

Had fun painting when Olivia came home inspired from art class at school:

Nicholas went to Austria got a conference:

And we had nine kinds of shenanigans:


Three legged dog: Jason is learning yoga!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Leo is five!!

Leo turned five on the first!! He had a great birthday filled with junk! Krispy Kreme donuts for his birthday snack at school, Chick-fil-a for lunch bunch with sister, and orange chicken take-out for dinner. (He just had a donut on Sunday after we had read "If You Give A Dog A Donut" several times, and he was smitten and decided to have donuts instead of cookies or cupcakes!)

Waking up to his present from us!


Lunch bunch with sister:

Leo didn't want his picture taken!

Which turned into Leo running around the nature trail at school. It was a beautiful day!

In the afternoon we played outside a lot, Nicholas brought Chinese food, and he opened so many presents! Thank you, family, for spoiling him! He loved the Evil Mobile, his new backpack for Kindergarten, his Nexo Knight activity book, and his MineCraft ax and sword!

And after dinner and presents, cake!

Quick facts about Leo!
1. Leo doesn't like crowds of people. He prefers playing with one or two friends to a whole block's worth.
2. Leo loves Olivia. They play Legos together and often sleep in the same room in his bunk beds. (This just changed this week to them sleeping in separate rooms, but they were in the same room for about the past six months.)
3. Leo loves Jason. They play so sweetly together in the mornings after Nicholas and Olivia go to work and school. They dance, they play hide-and-seek, and lots of other games.
4. Leo has a mind of his own and really wants to do things for himself. For example, when he hurts Olivia's feelings, he wants to figure out how to fix it himself.
5. Leo loves acting out stories with his Legos and other toys. He loves it when Nicholas or I do that with him. 
6. Leo loves hearing stories from Nicholas, who makes up silly stories at night. Leo thinks these are HILARIOUS and talks about them the next day.
7. Leo can read...a bit. He has about 7 sight words and is sounding out three letter words.

And now for the annual birthday quiz! I ❤️ his answers!

1. How old are you? Five
2. What makes you happy? IPad
3. What is your favorite animal? Lion
4. What is your favorite thing to eat? Orange chicken 
5. What is your least favorite thing to eat? Tomatoes
6. What is your favorite thing to do? Legos
7. What is your favorite TV show? Lion Guard
8. What are you really good at? Legos 
9. What is your favorite movie? Ice Age
10. What is your favorite color? Blue
11. What is your favorite song? Shake it Off by Taylor Swift
12. Who is your best friend? Nick (from his preschool )
13. What do you and your Mom do together? Build
14. What do you and your Dad do together? Video games
15. What is your favorite sport? Biking
16. Where is your favorite place to go? Disney World
17. What is your favorite book? Max Counts His Chickens
18. What do you want to be when you grow up? Link (from the Legend of Zelda)

Monday, January 23, 2017

Jason is two!!

I can't believe Jason is two!! The years have FLOWN by! 

He had a good birthday on Friday starting with one present before Olivia was off to school!

We had a laid back morning and an afternoon playing outside with friends.

Not surprisingly, Jason loves cake!


He'll always be our baby even if he is two!!

And for a few stats: he had his we'll visit today


35.25 inches - 75%
29 lbs 9 oz - 75 %
Head - 20 inches - 95%

Jason has about 100 words and some of his short sentences include "Here it is." "What doing?" And "Mama, one more please." He has the best laugh ever and we are so happy to have this joyful boy!!

On a side note, we are slowly heading into potty training thanks to the birthday underwear he wants to wear! This is Jason doing his happy dance in celebration of his Cars underwear.

He wore them all day Saturday and much of the day Sunday. I think if I really cared to put him on the potty every 30-45 minutes, he could keep them dry, but I am just not willing. So, he goes before his bath and any other time he asks to or I think about it, and I keep him in a diaper.