Thursday, July 31, 2014

Friday funnies


  • After Olivia donned her finest dress from Abby this morning. (This cracks me up because Leo knows just what to say. Ha!)
    • Olivia: Leo, how do I look?
    • Leo: Good.
    • Olivia: Thank you, Leo.
  • While "reading" one of their books
    • Leo: Olivia, read this to me!
    • Olivia: I can't read Leo. I can only read some pages.
  • Later while Leo was reciting what he had memorized from one of his books
    • Olivia: Mom!! Listen. Leo is learning to read!
  • After missing Olivia while she was at Vacation Bible school
    • Leo: Olivia, I missed you so much! (hugging her)
    • Olivia: I love you, Leo.
    • Leo: I love you so much, Olivia!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Free at last!! Pneumonia free, that is!

Finally, by Thursday last week Olivia and Leo both felt well enough to get out of the house. Olivia attended the last two days of her Vacation Bible School at her new school. She had a great time! Leo and I hit the playground Friday morning with some of our neighbors, and it was just what the doctor ordered for this outside girl!

On Saturday we ventured out to Pullen park and stayed for three hours--pretending to put on plays, walking around the lake and feeding the ducks Goldfish, and riding the rides. We, again, had a blast!

The ducks followed us around the lake.

Leo on the train! He loves the train!
Olivia discovered that the sign said she was tall enough to ride on her own, so she decided to ride away from Leo and me, so she was kind of on her own! Ha!

I still don't see the draw of the kiddie boats, but the kids insist on them every time! 

And we made it to the pool for the first time in weeks on Saturday. Leo cracked me up in Olivia's goggles!

We hit a new playground yesterday, but it rained soon after we arrived...

So we tried it again today for a couple of hours! This playground is awesome! It has at least five distinct play areas with sand boxes with water, different kinds of swings, preschool pretend play area, a gym that looks like a hamster's cage where the kids loved pretending to be hamsters, a slide like a roller, a dragon area to play on, and lots more! Plus it was wheelchair accessible and mostly shaded!! Loved it!



I'm so happy to live in a place with so many beautiful parks and playgrounds!! 


Mutti came to visit last week from Thursday to Thursday, and the kids had lots of fun playing with her! Her brother, Matt, stopped by with his wife, daughter, and three of his grandkids on Saturday. We had a blast eating, talking, playing, walking to the playground, playing there, and then coming back for dessert. We didn't think to get a picture of the kids together until it was almost time to go, so this is what we ended up with!

From left--Olivia, Charlie, Max, Kai, and Leo. Charlie and Kai are (Nicholas's cousin) Marti and Jeff's two. And Max is (Nicholas's cousin) Trent and Lynn's oldest.

Mutti didn't want any pictures of her, but I have a few of the kids playing inside. Leo was still coughing up pneumonia and Olivia was diagnosed with walking pneumonia while Jane was here. Sigh. We had a lot of inside days, and I felt like all I did was clean.

Breaking out the castle for the first time in the new house!

He called himself "Rocket Man"!

"Want to dance?" Leo asks!

In one of many costume changes!

Olivia took this one and said, "I got a good one, Mom!"

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fun things we've been doing

Building castles for numbers--Leo's idea!

Visiting RDU's observation deck to see planes take off, pretend to be a plane on a runway, and have a picnic with friends!

Making headway with the baby's room... Ha! We thought when we bought this house that we would have a dedicated office, but now this will ultimately be the baby's room. So, organizing it hasn't been first priority!

Playing dress up!

"Ice skating" in the bath tub!

These don't really fit with this post, but I thought I would give you the lay of the land on the second floor. Master bedroom on left, picture taken from playroom, Olivia and Leo's room on right down the hall, and office/baby room and laundry room on immediate right.

Third floor "media" room--cast off furniture, the big TV, and the record player.

And a bathroom on one side and storage closet on the other side. This is why we have no storage space--because the "attic" is finished!

Olivia went to a gymnastics camp this week! I was SO impressed that she went without knowing anyone, didn't cling to me or cry when I dropped her off, and had a great time! Doesn't this place look awesome! It has a zip line, huge pits of foam blocks they jump in from a trampoline, and lots more! I came late yesterday, so I just got this picture of them reading a story before pick-up. Turned out Olivia had a 101.5 fever at that point. She looked terrible. She doesn't have pneumonia--I know because I rushed her to the doctor in a panic--just a summer cold. No more gymnastics this week!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our new house -- some pictures

Mom added the side plants. The cable cable is buried now. Bonus to having a TINY lot? The HOA mows the grass!

Walking in the front door then from the living room back into the dining room.


The guest room on the first floor.

Coming in from the garage to the kitchen.


Back porch

The play room in all it's played-in glory at the top of the steps on the second floor.

Second floor laundry.

Kids' rooms are a work in progress because (1) no pictures are up and (2) both have rocking chairs in them which will probably come out soon.

Leo's room

Olivia's room with her new bed that was mine thirty years ago.

Hall between Olivia's and Leo's room