Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer's HOT!

This hilarious video is from today at lunch. Olivia took Leo's rattle and he thought it was funny, so she continued...

It's so hot, too, that I am supplementing Leo with some water and some prune juice (for other, obvious, reasons). Olivia likes to try to feed it to him...

And today we made it to the playground with our friends Jennifer, Mary Grace, and JP. JP is six weeks younger than Leo and Mary Grace is eight weeks younger than Olivia.

We also got to the pool this afternoon. Leo is too cute!! He outgrew his swim top. I need to get him another one, but for now, he is super cute sporting skin!

And...drum roll, is the first picture of all four of us together! I think we will have professional ones taken in October. I don't think you want this one on our Christmas cards!

And here is a picture of Olivia's hair after a bath. It is SO curly!

In other news, Olivia got in trouble at school for the first time yesterday. She refused to clean up when her teacher asked her, and put herself in time-out three times. She has been acting out at home, too, and just seemed sad. By bed time last night, both Nicholas and my nerves were frayed. I decided I wasn't giving her enough positive attention and letting her watch too much TV. We've cut back to no more than 40 minutes of screen time per day and we had lots of play time today. I see a difference already.

And here is one of Olivia dancing to her ballerina music in her ballerina costume that I bought on clearance at Target.


  1. Looks like you all are having a fun summer so far and that Olivia is enjoying her roll as big sister :) I love that she is opening her mouth to get Leo to open his!

  2. I like the pool shot. Two adults sporting sun glasses, Olivia looking like she wants to get back to playing, and Leo looking like he's saying, "Wait for it!"

    Also, Olivia looks cute in her ballet costume. I like that she is actually on her tip-toes.