Monday, June 18, 2012

Leo's four month and Olivia's two year pictures are in!

Jennifer McAteer did Leo and Olivia's pictures for us on the Tuesday before we left for our trip north, and even though it was hectic, had just rained, was like a sauna outside, and even though I was a crazy person making Nicholas help me carry our leather sleeper sofa outside, even though Olivia was not a good listener, these pictures look great! Here is the sneak peek!

For all of them, see, click on Olivia + Leo, and use the password "kraft". Family, I will send an email with a link to the pictures on Shutterfly as soon as I get the CD.


  1. Great photos!!

    Leo in the basket = adorable!

    And my fav of Olivia is either second to last or fifth! Can't resist that smile!

  2. I love the sofa idea. I thought these were done at a studio until I read the text. How fun!

  3. these are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! you have beautiful kids.