Friday, June 1, 2012

Play time!

Olivia started using her Princess tent again just in time. I was thinking of taking it down as it takes up a lot of space in the living room. She is using it as her beauty shop. She says, "Play at my appointment!" Here are some pictures. She even dressed up Leo:

This one is for Grandpa Bill:

"Look, I'm sitting up!!"

"Look at that cute baby!!" (At CHOM in the baby pond.)

Olivia loves reading. I mean loves it. She "reads", and we read to her. The other day she chose staying home and reading over going to the playground. And she loves Dora books. We act them out at the pool and at home and on the go. Here she is at CHOM reading, in her mermaid crown, and dancing in "Mermaid Kingdom"--notice the paper fish on the floor. (My crafting skills are limited!)

And here is one of Leo sleeping on the floor after nursing. He is in a milk coma, I guess. He slept for 40 minutes like this. I was shocked!


  1. She is too funny! I'm loving those dance moves and the expression on her face as she "curls" her eyelashes (I'm pretty sure that's the face I make too!).

    And Leo is just as cute as a bug!

  2. I like that she put a bow in Leo's hair. Too funny. I'm surprised he didn't pull it out immediately. He seems pretty happy all the time, though. Maybe it's because he is so well rested. :-)