Sunday, June 17, 2012

The trip north (part 2)

My dad graciously took me to the airport at 4 AM on June 8th and picked me up at 2 PM on June 10th. What a great dad I have! And poor Dad had to listen to emotional me on the way back from the airport. Love you, Dad!

On Monday, the kids and I met Grandpa Bill at the Louisville zoo. It threatened rain and did rain a little bit, but that kept things cooler and the crowds down, so it was actually a good thing. Olivia did great playing with Bill while I nursed Leo in the car. She and he fed ducks and looked around until we went into the zoo. She let Bill hold her up to see animals and talked quite a bit. We saw giraffes and grizzly bears, seals and elephants, among lots of others. We had hot dogs for lunch and Olivia loved the french fries. She actually ate the leftovers on the way back to Steph's house. Here are a few pictures.

That afternoon/evening we hung out at the farm. Mom helped me again because I was exhausted from going so much on so little sleep. The kids played more--Abby, Craig, and Olivia really play well together--and I got a little visiting time in with Stephanie.

On Tuesday, the kids and I met Mutti at the Louisville Science Center. There was a great KidsZone that Olivia really loved. She liked playing in the water, riding on the "bus", shopping for groceries, and building things with Mutti. Olivia seemed to like the music buttons she could push, too. While I nursed Leo in the "quiet room" they had set aside for such things, Mutti and Olivia played. Then we went out into the regular part of the museum to the sensory area. Olivia played music by covering up lights on the floor, she ran through a forest of pool noodles hanging from the ceiling, rolled a ball on little roller coaster, pushed a tissue through clear air vents, and built a castle from over sized blocks. After that we had lunch at Subway. Here are a couple of pictures.

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  1. Looks like a fun time in Louisville! Hope you've caught up on your sleep :)