Monday, June 18, 2012

The trip north (part 3)

This post could be titled, "The trip south," as that is what we did on Wednesday. Mom came over on Wednesday morning and helped with the kids while I got the car loaded and the last stuff packed. Leo took a two hour nap right off the bat, so we stopped for the first time near Bowling Green, Kentucky. The stops took almost an hour each time by the time I nursed Leo, got gas, used the restroom, changed Olivia's diaper, changed Leo's diaper, and got something out for Olivia to eat. But we didn't have any melt downs. Olivia watched A LOT of Dora on the iPad, but I tried not to feel guilty about that. Here are Olivia and Leo at our last stop about an hour north of Birmingham. It took about ten hours total to get from Elizabeth to Northport.

I dropped both kids off at MMO on Thursday and went home and got some unpacking done. Nicholas got back from Germany at about 6 o'clock that evening and were we glad to see him! He had a good time, too, but was pretty exhausted from the trip.

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