Monday, June 26, 2017

Beach vacation 2017

Back in March during track out, my friend Lindsey and I were talking about going to the beach for a day. We couldn't make it happen then, so we put it on our calendar for June. Then she told me that they rented a house at the beach for a week in June and we should join them for a day or two. We decided to rent a place for a few days, and we are so happy we did!

It was our first time at Atlantic Beach, and we liked the quaint houses and cute town. We stayed in a two bedroom, two bath condo one street away from the beach. Our friends came over for dinner on Thursday evening after we made a quick trip to the beach on arrival.

Checking out the waves!! (Terrible rip currents took the lives of quite a few people in the past two weeks, so we were very careful about getting in the water.)

On Friday, we walked to the public beach with our friends since there were tidal pools for the toddlers to play in and lifeguards to help keep everyone safe. It was awesome to have friends to hang out with there!


After jason and I had a nap, and Nicholas and the big kids went swimming at our friends pool, we headed to dinner at Sanitary Fish Market in Morehead City. We tried Amos Mosquito's first but it was too packed even though we arrived when it opened at five. Our dinners were yummy, and the kids got to see the boats outside as an added bonus.

On Saturday our friends headed back, but we had one more day. We spent the morning at the very windy beach...

Then in the afternoon we went to the NC aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. The kids liked the sharks and touching the rays!


Then after Jason's late nap, we walked on the beach to the pier. We found so many sea shells as the tide was coming in!



This morning we took a break from packing to walk on the road to the pier and walk out onto it. It should have been faster, but it wasn't due to dead end streets. But, we saw a fisherman catch a small shark and we all got to touch it!


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Swim lessons, swim team, and swimming 2017

The pool opened Memorial Day weekend and we have been there a lot since! Olivia has swim practice four days a week, Leo was excited for swim lessons again this year, and Jason is floating around in his ouddle jumper and tube like a champ!

Leo was happy to have his same swim instructor this year, and after four private lessons, he is swimming like a fish!!

Here are some pool highlights from Leo's lessons and other pool days!


Jason floating around:

And Olivia had her first swim meet Tuesday!! She is loving swim team and is working hard, swimming all four strokes (free, back, breast, butterfly) and both relays at the meets (medley, free). Here are some highlights:


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Olivia and Leo's first recital!!

Olivia and Leo had their first recital today! Nicholas and I are so proud of how hard they worked learning, memorizing, and perfecting their pieces. And we may be equally or more proud of how they overcame their nerves to actually perform today! Nicholas videoed them and I took pictures!

Olivia has been playing since August, 2016, and just moved from a quarter sized violin to a half sized violin last month. So, in addition to preparing for the recital, she also was getting used to a longer bow and a heavier, larger violin. Olivia loves her teacher Polina Rathbone, and has learned SO MUCH from her! I am so impressed with how Olivia can read music now, and how she can make her little violin sing!

Olivia played two pieces:

Leo has been playing since mid March. He asked to take lessons one day when he heard Olivia's violin teacher accompany Olivia on the piano at her violin lesson. Leo told me then that he really wanted to play piano, and he has been so self motivated to practice--two, three, or four times a day--since he started taking lessons! Nicholas and I are so proud of him. He was the youngest performer there, and was so nervous that on the way to the piano from his seat, he said, "Mom, I have no idea what they want me to play." He had memorized the piece, and we did not bring notes. Luckily, his teacher, Becky Kobylarski, saw his distress and helped him get started. She has been amazing for his confidence since the first lesson! You can see the difference in this facial expressions from before the performance to later!

I love that they are holding hands in these photos! It was a big win for both of them to have performed!

Just a couple of warm up photos I took before we left. I like how they show both of their sweet natures and their concentration.

And just so we remember, here is the first page of the program, complete with Olivia's check marks on it!