Saturday, December 24, 2011

Olivia and cousins at Christmas time

As Abby was getting ready for church this evening, Olivia had a fit because Abby was wearing a sparkly dress and Olivia just had on pajamas. (Church was past Olivia's bedtime, thus she and I were staying home.) So, Aunt Stephanie to the rescue! Here is Olivia in her sparkly "dress," which is Steph's shirt. Olivia wore it to feed the reindeer and refused to take it off before bed. She is sleeping in it now!

Setting out food for the reindeer--oats!

And from the other night when Olivia and Abby played "Don't Break The Ice" and then sang and danced:

Monday, December 19, 2011

Leonidas Alexander Kraft

I realize that I haven't posted just about Baby in quite a while. Nicholas and I decided on a name a few weeks ago. Nicholas's middle name is Alexander, as is his dad's middle name, and his grandpa's first name. So, Alexander being the middle name was a given. We had a much harder time deciding on the first name. We were really close to Theodore, but I am not super fond of the nickname Theo. Nicholas and I both love the name Leo, which is what we will call our baby boy, but we wanted a full first name. We considered Leonard and Leonardo, but those just didn't seem right. Then Nicholas thought of Leonidas, and since it's origins are Greek like the names Nicholas and Alexander, it seemed to fit. I have the stocking monogrammed, so it is official!

I continue to think that Leo is going to be my easy, sweet baby. He has taken all these crazy contractions that my body has thrown at him with ease. I was at the hospital after hours with contractions on December 2, and the nurse commented on what a happy baby I had even though I was having contractions every couple of minutes. I haven't been back to the hospital with contractions since then, but I have had a lot of them, and continue to take the Nifedipine prescribed to stop them. Today I've been having them all day. This morning, Mom watched Olivia for an hour and a half while I laid down to try and get them to stop.

I am 33 weeks pregnant now. At my appointment last week, I was up 21 lbs from pre-pregnancy. I was measuring a few days ahead. I'm still not dilated or thinned at all, which is great. They did an ultrasound to check to make sure I wasn't thinned since I've been having so many contractions. My next appointment is Friday with the doctor here in Indiana.

I'm getting really excited to meet this little guy who I feel I am getting to know. I don't know if Olivia is aware that she will be getting a little brother soon or not. Sometimes I think so--she agrees when I say, "There's a baby in Mama's belly." Sometimes I think not because when I ask what is in Mama's belly, she only sometimes answers with "Baby!" She loves her dolls, though, so I am hoping she will just want to be a little Mommy with Leo and love him instead of wanting to send him back.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas playing with cousins

Playing pirates with Abby before bathtime:

Riding the carousel at Bass Pro waiting to wait in line for Santa. (It was too long a wait. We ended up bailing and going home because I was exhausted from standing and carrying Olivia around.)

Making a snowman at my grandma's church event on Saturday with Craig and Abby. Olivia decorated cookies, made a "candy cane" from beads and pipe cleaners, decorated an ornament, and made a snowman decoration.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Olivia and Abby in the tub

Cousin Abby and Olivia had a great time taking a bath together a couple of nights ago. Olivia was so funny letting Abby put water on her hair even though she screams when I do it! Now, it's "Abby, Abby, Abby" all day!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Olivia's new room!

We are getting a kids' table and chairs for the "kitchen" area for Olivia for Christmas, and we are thinking about a desk/vanity for under the mirror. That end table will move to the office/guest room once we get the sleeper sofa in. Anyway, I love the way it all turned out! Thanks to Mom for painting!

We have been playing in there for weeks, but today was the first day Olivia took her nap and went to sleep for the night in there. She fussed for a few minutes at naptime, but then took a great two-hour nap. Tonight, she also fussed for a few minutes, but fell asleep without any help from us. And, she has been sleeping through the night--from 7 PM to 5:30 AM consistently about five days a week lately! I'm so excited! Yay, Olivia!

Pictures of the baby's room to come! It is close to done.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Olivia, Abby's clothes, and the new book

Here's a shout out to my sister Stephanie for saving and giving me all of her daughter Abby's clothes. Another cute outfit that was head-to-toe Abby: (Well, the whole thing. At first, Olivia didn't want her clothes on and was just wearing boots. Then I got the onsie one and thought she looked like a jockey, so I took a picture. Then, I finally got the dress on. That black book is Olivia's drawing book.)

And another big thanks to Stephanie, Abby, and Craig for getting Olivia the recordable Christmas book! She loves it more each day. Today she wanted it in the bedtime routine. Yesterday she took it into the bathroom while I got ready and "read" to herself.)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving, etc.

We had a pretty low key Thanksgiving this year since it was just Nicholas, Olivia, and I at home. I had lots of contractions that day and had to take the blood pressure medicine. It didn't really seem to help, and I had to take it again six hours later after having six hours of five-minute-apart contractions. Annoying. But we had a turkey breast, stuffing, and homemade cranberry sauce, so we were kind of festive.

I have gotten quite a bit done in the past week, though, because Mom and Dad came down late Friday. They helped put up the Christmas tree on Saturday and get out other decorations. Dad even put lights on the two spiral evergreens in front of our entry, so we are more festive than we have ever been! Dad flew back Sunday afternoon, and Mom stayed to help us. She watched Olivia Sunday afternoon while Nicholas and I went sleeper sofa shopping and then out to dinner for his birthday, which was Monday. Mom also watched Olivia while I finished making curtains for Olivia's room, which is now ready for Olivia to move into. I think we will do that tomorrow. Mom gave me time to rest, painted a bird house for Leo's room, painted a mirror for Olivia's room, and scrubbed all my floors. Thanks, Mom!! Plus, she played with Olivia a lot!! I wasn't very good at documenting the trip, but here is a photo of Mom and Olivia decorating the tree, which is definitely sparse this year as we only put on non-breakable ornaments and Olivia did (and is still doing) most of the decorating.

While Mom scrubbed floors, Olivia and I made a tent out of the dining room chairs. Olivia got a kick out of it!

And, while Mom was here, she explained football to Olivia. Now, Olivia asks to watch football every night after her bath while we are putting on her pajamas.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Last week was a little rough for Baby and me. I started having rather frequent contractions Thursday morning, and by Thursday afternoon, they were five minutes apart. By the evening, I was in the hospital with them two and a half minutes apart. Luckily, no other labor symptoms were present, so they sent me home. By Friday morning, I was still having them five minutes apart, so per instructions, I went back to the doctor and was hooked up to the monitors again. The doctor prescribed me some drugs to stop the contractions, but said to only take them when I had more than four in an hour. I've taken it three times since then as the contractions have spaced out significantly to about 20-30 minutes apart. I am tired from them, and I am having a lot of pelvic pressure, but other than that, they are just annoying. (I say this lightly, but poor Nicholas has been drying some tears every now and then when I get fed up with everything. He has also been helping around the house a lot more than normal and coming home as soon as he can after work so that he is home for dinner and bathtime every night, which is so wonderful.)

So that I could go to the doctor on Friday morning, I called Olivia's MMO and asked if she could come even though it wasn't her day. They said that was fine, and Olivia had a great time making an "Indian" headband and necklace. They were super impressed with her fine motor skills because she could thread the pasta and the beads herself.

Another milestone for Olivia is that she has graduated to a booster seat at the table. She loves sitting at the table with us instead of eating on her tray!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Puppy party!

Olivia and I went to our friend's second birthday party on Saturday, and it was super cute! Emily (the mom) did a fantastic job of decorating and creating activities for the kids. She had each child bring a pretend puppy, and then had boxes covered in white contact paper with fleece blankets in them to be decorated as the puppy's bed. You can see in the pictures below that the kids had a great time coloring and putting stickers on the beds. After they had finished, they had a puppy parade. The kids wore puppy ear headbands. Later they ate "Puppy Chow" and bone-shaped cookies. It was super cute. When they played outside near the end, Olivia was drawn to the little motorcycle, which I thought was funny since she had on her little boots.

Happy Birthday, Abby!! You've got a great Mommy! (Thanks for the photos, Emily!)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Birthday! And other stuff.

I had another birthday on Wednesday, and I felt lots of love from my friends and family! It was kind of a tiring day, so Nicholas and I didn't get to go on our planned date, but he brought home Chinese take-out and I read a book and went to bed early. It was a good ending to the day. Thanks everyone for the cards and gifts and emails and texts! (Nicholas actually hit a deer on the way home from work/getting take out, but was nonchalant enough about it not to worry me. After the over $1K estimate today, I realize it wasn't exactly nothing.)

Since we are WAY behind on the belly photos for Baby, I took one on my birthday so that he knows I was thinking of him.

Olivia and I did finger paints in the garage because she has been talking about painting ever since she did it at school. Turns out, finger paints are much harder to find than you would think. Walmart and Target don't carry them here. I went to a "Learning Experiences" store and they only sold black and white. They were old and hard, too, but I didn't know that until we got home and started. I added some food coloring to the white and Olivia had a good time. It was fun to watch how intent she was.

I bought some new finger paints at Toys R Us today, and hope those work a little better next time.

And here are some funny videos of Olivia:

Winking -

And being amazed with the Christmas bells that Bill bought me last year. I love them and am so happy to be listening to Christmas music again!

Monday, November 7, 2011

18 month well visit

Can you believe my girl is 18 months old today? Whoa! Time flies! She's in 18-month (if they are big)/24-month/2T clothes depending on the fit, and she is wearing a size 6.5/7 shoe depending on the fit. Here are the stats:

  • 26 lbs (75th percentile)
  • 34.5 inches (98th percentile)
  • head circumference I've already forgotten, but it's 75th percentile

    Here are the milestones we checked off:

  • Knows her body parts -- head, hands, eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, feet, belly, bottom, legs, knees, and back.
  • Drinks from a cup and uses a fork.
  • Uses 15 words. (She has at least 50.)
  • Follows simple directions.

    And here are the answers to my questions:

  • Dr. Roberts recommends getting rid of the pacifier by age 2. We talked about timing since baby brother is coming along, and she said to go ahead and work on getting the pacifier down to comfort times--bedtime, naptime, and when she is hurt. Then take it away. Try "breaking" them by cutting them or "forgetting" them when we go on a trip and not have them when we come home.
  • Olivia has started hitting Ringo. I know this is because he is back from his training camp and I am always correcting him by saying "No" and then using his pinch prong collar. But, hitting is unacceptable, so I asked Dr. Roberts about discipline at this age. We're going with a "No, Olivia, we do not hit" and removing her from the situation. Dr. Roberts said we can start trying 30-second to 1-minute time outs.
  • Potty training. Yes, I know it is early, but Olivia tells me when she poops and pees. Dr. Roberts said to get a potty and set Olivia on it before bath, bedtime, and first thing in the morning. If she resists, don't fight. Try again later.
  • Toddler bed. Dr. Roberts said that she had two patients that day who on their first attempt to get out of their crib, broke their arms. So, whenever Olivia shows signs of escaping (putting leg up to try to get out, pulling herself over the bar, etc.) it's time for a toddler bed. Thankfully, she is not there yet.

    I am posting the next picture to show how Olivia has a MIND OF HER OWN! I wanted her to wear black dress shoes with this outfit, but she refused--cried and fussed. I figured it wasn't a battle worth fighting, so I let her wear the pink tennis shoes she wanted. I wanted to get a picture of the band-aid on her thigh from her tetanus shot, but she peeled it off as I was taking the picture.

  • Yard sale finds

    So, Nicholas and I were/are planning on getting Olivia a play kitchen for Christmas. But, on Saturday my neighbors had a yard sale and sold this little kitchen for $10. I could not pass that up, so I bought it thinking (1) for $10 if she uses it until Christmas only it would be worth it and/or (2) maybe we could have one in her room and one by the real kitchen so that she can "cook" while Mama is cooking.

    I also bought this shopping cart for $4. Olivia loves putting her baby in there and strolling her around. So cute!

    Between the two of these things, we are really fostering some independent play! I am SO excited about that!