Sunday, May 27, 2012

Milestones, and pool days

I started feeding Leo cereal yesterday. Just one feeding yesterday and one today of single grain oatmeal in breast milk. He did really well. Yesterday I was very low key, doing it just before his 4 o'clock PM feeding. Here are some pictures of him sitting on the table in his Bumbo:

Today, Olivia helped me. And I swear before this video she was actually doing it from a seated position. I guess I didn't scoot her in enough before filming. I was tongue-tied, too, but you get an idea of what was happening.

In other news, Olivia is only using her pacifier in her crib now, which really cuts down on the cleaning of them since I am not picking them up or fishing them out of the diaper bag. However, if Olivia wants her pacifier and doesn't have one, she sucks on her thumb or her finger. I'm not really sure what to do about this. I ask her to take her fingers out of her mouth, and she does, but they go right back in. Her fingers are chapped and the skin is broken. Hmmm....

More pool days. It is hot, hot, hot here! It was 97 degrees today. Leo is liking the pool a little more each time since we have been bringing him in with us more. Here are a couple of pictures and a video of Daddy swinging Olivia around, which is usually what I do with her, but she requested it of Daddy when I got out to take care of Leo.

And here are a few pictures that Olivia insisted on taking:

Friday, May 25, 2012

The weeks fly by

The weeks really do fly by. I can't believe that it is getting close to June! And I am headed back to work June 19th, which seems really soon... We've got a lot planned in the mean time, though, and we did a lot this week, again.

The Leo update is that he is already sitting/bouncing/playing in his entertainer for fives of minutes, and he loves it! He will be four months old this week, so I guess I need to start thinking about some sleep training (we are still waking several times a night, or I just bring him to bed and nurse on demand) and starting some solid foods! I still think he is getting a tooth, but it hasn't erupted yet.

Leo is also really holding his head up well. Notice in the next couple of pictures, that I just can't seem to get a good picture of both kids together. Hopefully the next round of professional pictures will yield some!

In Olivia news, we have graduated to the big pool! Olivia likes her "puddle jumper" floaties and her ducky float ring. Here is one picture from this week at the pool in the evening. Nicholas has been up with us several times, which is wonderful. I have done it on my own a few times, too, but things usually run more smoothly when we are playing "man on man" instead of zone.

Today we went to the splash park near us with some friends. Olivia and Leo had a great time, I think. Leo slept, ate, and bounced around in his tent. Olivia mostly played in a tub of water with some other girls and yelled, "Mommy, play with me!" when I was taking care of Leo. We had a picnic there, too. Good times! I love this town!

Before we left, I tried to get a picture of Olivia with her backpack on, strolling her dollies, with her "doctor things" in the basket below. This is as well as I could do:

Friday, May 18, 2012

This week

For the record, I had a really wonderful Mother's Day! I love being Mommy to Olivia and Leo! Olivia got me a card that she was very proud of. Nicholas ordered me a new double jogging stroller, which I am stoked about. Olivia and Nicholas made me pancakes in the morning, we went to Barnes and Noble to play with trains in the afternoon, and then we went out for an early dinner "at a place with French fries" for Olivia. Leo and I had some alone time in the bathroom of the restaurant nursing. It was my best Mother's Day so far! No pictures, though.

This week, Olivia has been sick with a bad cold--cough, runny nose, and feeling bad. She says, "I not feel so well." So, I've kept her home from MMO, library, and gymnastics. We are feeling a bit cooped up. She hasn't been up for the playground or pool, either. This is what we have been doing: Making soup...

And grocery shopping. (Note the baby in the sling.)

And Leo has been playing a lot, and he can roll from belly to back pretty well. He is very close to rolling from back to belly. And.....I think he is getting a tooth! Holy cow! I think I see them on his uppers. More news there later. Also, I think he is ready for his exersaucer! He is supporting himself on his legs and kicking a lot, he can sit in the Bumbo, and is starting to really grab and hold things. Advanced! He is growing up too fast!

And on Monday we went to CHOM. You can see here that Olivia is starting to feel bad. That night is when she woke throwing up because of her cough. But, before that, she played at CHOM:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

And Leo's growing up!

Leo's head control continues to be really good. He is so much more tolerant of "tummy time" because of that. He can sit in the Bumbo for five to ten minutes without getting tired. He is cooing a lot, nursing a lot, and growing a lot. He is in mostly 6-9 month clothes now. I figure his is around 15.5 lbs. He smiles a lot and likes to look at Olivia, Daddy, and me the best. Here he is "reading" in bed.

And here he is at the pool the other day, just chillin'.

His sleep is evening out a little. Some nights he wakes every three hours. But often he skips the first feeding and goes for a five hour stretch.

Olivia's growing up

Some of you might remember that when Olivia was born, my plan was to not allow a pacifier past six months because that is what my Baby 411 book recommended. Fast forward two years, and here we are with Olivia still using a pacifier. Dr. Roberts said that if you don't get the pacifier away from a child by six months, you probably aren't going to get it away from them for another year. She suggested we get rid of it by two. Well, Olivia is now two, and we have restricted pacifier use to the crib at nap times and bed time. She seems okay with that. The day after her birthday, she walked into Mom's Morning Out, and said to Mrs. Peyton, her teacher. "I'm a big girl. Pacie only for crib." Well, well, well. That, of course, after she had asked for it that morning and I said, "No, you're a big girl now. We only have the pacifier in the crib." She said, "I don't want to be a big girl." Later she asked Daddy for it, and he said, "No, you're two now. No pacifier except in the crib." She said, "I don't want to be two!" She is asking for it less and less now.

Olivia has been doing better with talking out the stroller accident. Each day she is less upset about it, but she is still talking about it. Friday at gymnastics, we left early because someone asked about her bruises and I told them about the accident. She cried and said she wanted to go home.

But, before that, we had a good time. Here are some pictures and videos of her there. She is wearing the gymnastics outfit Nicholas and I bought her for her birthday. She loved it!

Olivia is doing a better and better job of putting her feelings into words. She uses the words happy, sad, upset, and mad. She also says things like, "I had so much fun!" and "That too scary."

Other conversations with Olivia, lately:

Olivia: I want to go there.
Me: That's a restaurant. We aren't going there today. We are going into this store really fast to get your shorts.
Olivia: Daddy take me there. They have French fries in there.

Me: Leo is sleeping. We need to be quiet. (As we are walking by his room.)
Olivia: I can do that. (Then, very loudly:) Maaaa.
Me: Olivia!
Olivia: (Yelling) I wake him up!!

Me: Olivia, we need to change your diaper. (As she is flailing about, I say:) Hold still.
Olivia: I be good listener. No time out.

Olivia: I want to go to CHOM.
Me: Today is Sunday. CHOM is closed on Sunday.
Olivia: CHOM closed today. We go tomorrow.

Olivia: Princess Pea take nap. (pretending to be Princess Pea)
Me: Okay. I'll tuck Princess Pea in.
Olivia: This super big problem. (She's referring to the blankets being messed up.)
Olivia: We need Super Readers. (Super Why watchers will understand this conversation.)

And Olivia continues to love her books. Sometimes she says she is going to read Leo a book. She then makes something up like, "Once upon a time, Pablo and Uniqua and Tyrone....(stuff I can't understand because she is speaking so low)...and they wake up!" Here is one such time:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Terrifying and cute

So, I thought I would take up jogging given that it has been more than ten years since I have done it, and surely my knees are "better" now. And since I am not back in shape and I don't have time for exercise without the kids, I thought it would work to jog the long way to the play ground and back a few days a week. You'll remember the double jogging stroller I had as a hand-me-down. I hadn't used it since Leo was born because I had the other one, in which Leo's car seat fit nicely. I decided to use the jogging stroller yesterday. I put Leo's car seat in it, and it did fit well, with room for Olivia. We had gone about a mile and were in the back section of our subdivision going down a hill, when all of a sudden, the front wheel came off, the front frame dug into the pavement, the stroller flipped over, and I went over with it. SO VERY LUCKILY, no one was hurt. One woman walking ran across the street to help us, and another woman driving stopped to help. Leo was crying. His car seat kept him totally safe and he didn't get even a scratch, but I was worried about his head since he flipped totally over. The handle of the car seat was up, and that is what hit the pavement. You can see the scratches on it. When I flipped over the stroller, I landed on the underside of Leo's car seat and the pavement. Olivia fell out of the stroller on her knees and face. We were all crying and TOTALLY FREAKED OUT. It terrified me so badly because it could have been so much worse. We left the stroller there, and the woman in the car drove us home. I was shaken up the rest of the evening. So was Olivia. She got the worst of it. She is still talking about it. We are throwing that stroller away. Here is a picture of her right after the accident. She is worse today with bruises. She cries every time she talks about it. Today we went to the pool and had a great time. We started towards the playground to extend our time out, but she realized we had come by the car and not the stroller, mentioned it, cried, and wanted to go home. It's going to take a little while to get over this.

And here is cute Leo in his Bumbo! Can you believe he is this big? So fun!

We had a play date with my friend Rachel and her baby Sol who is a week and a half younger than Leo. Fun!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Olivia's Second Birthday!! (I can't believe my baby is two!!)

Olivia turned two on Monday! It's hard for me to believe that two years have past since that amazing day when Olivia came into our lives and made us parents! She really does just keep getting more fun. Her little personality continues to reveal itself. She makes me laugh everyday. She reminds me of me (when she uses her brute force to try to open something, when she dances her silly dance, when she repeats things precisely) and she reminds me of Nicholas (when she is so tender hearted when she doesn't understand something, when she eats her fruit snack one color at a time, when she wants everything in its place), and she is a beautiful reminder that she is her own person. Right now, she loves books--"reading" them herself or having them read to her, she loves TV (yes, I admit it, but I try to limit it--right now she loves "Super Why" and "Dinosaur Train"), she loves gymnastics, the pool, and playing dragons. She isn't very interested in the potty, and she would keep her paci forever if we would let her, but we are taking it away during the day now. She weighed 30 lbs at the doctor on Friday when I took her for a sick visit. She really is talking up a storm, and remembering things very well. She likes to pretend that we are tracking dinosaurs when we go for walks. I asked her the other day if we should track a T Rex or a Triceratops, and she said, "No, how about a Pteranodon?", which sounded like "No, how 'bout ter an don?" Sometimes, if we are walking home from the playground and she knows Nicholas is at home, she suggests we go "Daddy tracking." And she is my little helper, too. On Sunday when I was cleaning the house for her party Monday, I gave her the Greenworks spray to spray the refrigerator and dishwasher. When she had finished those, she said, "What else I can do for you?"

And the party! We had 8 moms and 9 kids here on Monday morning for a playdate. Lots of fun! We played in Olivia's princess castle, played in her new tent outside, played with bubbles, made pirate hats, had cupcakes, and sang happy birthday. More pictures to come (since one of my friends took pictures with her camera of key moments: blowing out the candle, etc., but she has a one-month old, so I don't expect them very soon)...

Unrelated, but cute, Olivia loves rhyming. Here she is last week after Daddy picked her up from MMO and bought her a happy meal. She had hit her hand on the couch and said, "Ouch, couch!", which sent her into a fit of giggles. She wanted us to keep repeating it. At the end, when I say, "One more time", she says, "Cheese!", which I am always trying to get her to say when I take a picture and she NEVER does. Now, she does it! Haha!

Leo, Leo

Leo and I went to the lactation nurse last week because I had a plugged duct and while I was going, I wanted to weigh him. He was 14 lbs 13 ounces last week Wednesday. Big boy! I also wanted to ask about the increased frequency of feedings lately, and she confirmed that babies often experience a growth spurt around 7-10 days, 2-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months and 9 months, and he was probably in one. The lactation nurse suggested that I might not be making enough because Leo has taken to biting down and tugging at the end of a feeding. Thankfully, he still has no teeth, although I think that may change soon as he is drooling up a storm and is starting to bite on his hands, bibs, toys, etc., which indicates teething. The lactation nurse suggested I start pumping another time a day (I already do it at 2 AM because that is when I have the most milk). I did that, and I have so much milk now that I stopped and Leo is okay with that, because I think the growth spurt is over for now.

In other news, I am trying to transition him to his crib and to keep him out of our bed. I am doing this transitioning because he is getting close to the weight limit of 15 lbs on the bassinet. We had two nights of him sleeping all night out of our bed (waking roughly every 3.5 hours). Then last night he was back in our bed. It's a journey. We'll get there. Here are some sweet pictures of the little guy.

Aunt Stephanie is having a baby!!

Yay! Hooray! Baby Bratcher will be arriving sometime near my Nov. 9th birthday! Craig and Abby are stoked at the news, as they have been asking for a baby (literally) for years! Of course, Craig would like a van to accompany the baby, and Abby might like to also have a sheep, but, hooray, a baby! Steph has been SO supportive since I became a mom, I hope that I can redeem myself this pregnancy in support of her. Here she is with my girl this spring. Love you, Steph!