Friday, July 28, 2017

These days with Jason

Our days feel much, much different without Leo. Jason misses his playmate when I am doing chores and I miss my buddy while Jason is napping. Jason and I have been having at least one play date a week and try to do something special each day--playground, park, or library. I have been enjoying my extra Jason time!

Also I missed Jason's half-birthday! He was two and a half on July 20! He's talking so much, completely potty trained, knows some colors, counts a little, takes multi-step directions, and has a great memory! He can point out the hospital where he was born without prompting.

Here's a picture of him randomly falling asleep in the stroller when we took a long walk one morning. Good thing I brought a book!


Always fun to play in the front yard after the big kids go to school!!



Play date fun with Logan!

Park + splash pad!

Also, just in case anyone needs parenting lessons, this is how to get your kids settled down for bed:

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Swim team 2017

Olivia had SO much fun this swim season! I cannot impress upon you how much she liked going to swim practice and meets. Two different moms commented to me this season on what marked growth Olivia had in her independence this season. She really has grown comfortable around her friends and coaches! Here are some pictures from the season:


Olivia and her buddy:



Miss Mary Mack Mack while waiting for their events.


The media teacher from Olivia's school came to one meet! The kids were SO happy to see him. (Olivia is the little head right next to him.)

Cheering on the last event: free relay

7/8 girls cheering on th coaches race 

Coach Nicole and Coach Chloe

Thankful for a great season! And thankful that Olivia doesn't want to attempt year round swimming. Summer swimming, with four practices and a long meet each week, is commitment enough!


Walking to practice:

Here's the link to the end of season slideshow for Bill. I can't imagine anyone else watching it.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

First days of school 2017-18

Olivia started second grade on Monday, July 10!!



She had a great day and was happy 1) to have a desk that was just her's to sit at and 2) to be able to keep her library book at her desk to pull out when she finished her work! Our sweet girl!

Leo started kindergarten on Tuesday, July 11. That was his staggered entry day--each kindergartener goes just one day on the first week to get used to the classroom and be tested as a baseline for where they are. Leo was so nervous the night before after I put him to bed. He came into our room at about 10:30 and said he needed more hugs. He was afraid of getting lost there. After a rough night, he rallied and went to school without tears, but said he couldn't smile for the pictures.




Once we got to school, Leo pepped up at being in Olivia's old classroom with her kindergarten teacher.



I was a wreck that day after drop off (after reading the letter his teacher sent) and just wanted to be sure he was okay, so I was happy his teacher texted with a picture!


I am excited for another great school year for both of the kids!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Indiana/Kentucky trip, June-July 2017

The kids and I took off on our trip to Indiana and Kentucky fully stoked to be on the road again June 28, after a late swim meet the night before. They were excited to ride in the car in their pajamas. We made our first stop in Virginia and changed into our day clothes and brushed their teeth. Sweet kiddos!

We ran into some traffic in West Virginia that was mostly standstill for about 45 minutes...

Then they started fighting so I took their devices away at the last stop before Mutti's house!

We played and visited with Mutti and I got some cute photos (see previous post) and some outtakes!

We got to Aunt Stephanie's house later and played until too late! There went a track-out's worth of going to bed and getting up early, but it was so worth it to spend time with the cousins!! My kids mostly want to have nothing to do with me while we are there, so it is sweet to see them loving their cousins so much!

Thursday afternoon after swimming with friends, we got to visit Grandma Clara a bit. It was SO nice to get to see her!

Later, we saw this beautiful rainbow from Stephanie's porch!

Friday, we went horse back riding and hay bale jumping. In the afternoon, Dad and I went to see Grandma for a longer visit.

Mom got several doses of one on one time with Jason! So glad she was willing! Next time I will try to capture some portraits with the grandparents!

Saturday morning, we got to visit my friend Stacey and her new baby Graham on our way to see Grandpa Bill and Tamara.

Then we played with Grandpa Bill and Tamara at a park. We fed ducks and played on the playground. Then they treated us to Chick-fil-a! 


Saturday night we got to see my old friend's wedding! It was beautiful! And so wonderful to see all the love for Jessica and Stephen! It was Olivia's first wedding, and she had a blast with Abby and her friends! Leo and Jason liked playing on the hot playground outside, and Luke wasn't feeling well... poor guy.



What a fun trip we had! I can't express how glad I am that everyone is happy to have us when we say we are coming!