Monday, June 18, 2012

The Pennas' visit

Our friends Tony and Juliet, and their kids John and Christopher came to visit over the weekend, and we were thrilled to see them! Nicholas and I don't have many "couple" friends and even fewer who knew us pre-kids, so we were stoked to get together with Tony and Juliet who we were friends with at Clemson before any of us had kids. They were passing through on their way to a family vacation, and fit us in for some fun stuff with the kids. On Saturday morning we all went to CHOM and I managed to get some pictures.

Here are the Pennas playing in the room full of flying balls and video games.

This is Olivia playing dress up and pretending to take a nap with some dolls in the dolls' bed.

Here Nicholas and Olivia are driving a tug boat.

My camera is bad, but this is John running through his castle that he just built of blocks.

And here are Juliet and Christopher driving produce to market.

On Saturday night everyone came over to our place for dinner and playing with wheeled toys. On Sunday, we let the dads sleep in, and Juliet and I took the kids to the playground in our neighborhood. We ended up letting the kids get in the baby pool, and they got totally soaked, which is surely a sign that they had an awesome time.

I had an awesome time, too, and Olivia is still talking about the Gummy Bears that Miss Juliet brought her! Thanks, Juliet!


  1. Fun!!! Glad you all had such a great time. :)

  2. It looks like you had a blast. I love the dress up clothes & doll bed. That's totally something we would have worn during our dress-up playtime as kids.

  3. We loved seeing you! We'll have to come over again soon. It's not too far for a weekend trip, and we miss you guys lots! When the kids are all older, we can do halfway visits camping or in Atlanta... Fun!