Sunday, October 2, 2011

What we are up to now

Olivia dancing with Teddy:

Olivia bouncing on her horse (consignment for $5!!):

Olivia dancing with Barney:

This picture really does say a thousand words. (1) Notice the double stroller there. Mom backed into my jogging stroller when she was down in August and bent the frame so badly that it was beyond repair. I didn't want her to get a new one because Olivia wasn't staying in a stroller anyway. We used the Chicco one for a while and then I gave up completely. Today, however, Olivia stayed in the double stroller for the (about a mile) walk to the playground with her big white Teddy. When she asked to get out, I said no, she had to stay with Teddy. She seemed to accept that. So far, so good!! (2) The swing is from Steph's backyard. Olivia loved it while we were in Indiana. Since Steph's kids are too big for it now, she sent it with us. On a temporary basis, we hung it up in the garage and Olivia loves it. She says, "Wee, wee, wee" when she wants to swing. (3) All that trash is from Nicholas cleaning out the attic and me cleaning out the office. We have decided to play musical rooms and move Olivia to the guest bedroom, leaving the nursery for Baby. (Olivia will take her Little Lamb stuff with her, we'll swap out the pink fabric bins for blue ones, and get new bedding.) Then we'll figure out how to get a twin or a sofa bed into the office by moving my part of the office out to the new bookcases with a built-in desk. I am crossing my fingers that we will get this all done in time. We have set some short-term goals of cleaning out the guest bedroom in time for my mom to come and paint. Then to get Olivia to the back bedroom by the time we get back from Thanksgiving in Indiana. Then for getting everything else arranged by Christmas. Then, hopefully, I will have a few weeks before Baby to clean, clean, clean.

And my baby bump is getting more prominent. I am off my belly shots schedule because I have about 60 bug bites all over my body from sitting in the field in Indiana, playing with Olivia, watching ducks, and playing fetch with dogs. I didn't want a bare belly photo until those are healed.


  1. Oh, come on. The belly photos should represent real life. Nothing is more real than being pregnant and having 60 bug bites!!! This is journalism, not Hollywood! :)

  2. Haha!! Good point, Juliet! Now I just have to remember to get Nicholas to take the photo. I mentioned it the other night, and we were both too worn out for me to change into the black pants and mess with it.

  3. You look great! I remember when we bought that sweater :)

  4. Also, I love the video of Olivia dancing to Barney. Too cute!