Saturday, October 29, 2011


I took Olivia to her first gymnastics class on Friday. She really liked it. It was a Halloween theme day, so all the kids dressed up in costume. Olivia liked the trampoline the best by far because you climbed up soft steps to get to it, bounced down the length of it (20 feet or so) and then tumbled (or slid) down a soft ramp. There was also balance beam to walk on (in various heights, including one on the floor), uneven bars (that Olivia just touched, but didn't play on), a bouncy floor where real gymnasts do their floor exercises, and a play area with mats for tumbling. It was $5 for an hour, so it was quite a deal compared to Kindermusik or CHOM (without a membership). I didn't get any action shots, but here is Olivia after the costume parade:

And waiting to get to go into the area with all the apparatuses:


  1. A pink skeleton - how funny. I love that they made it even more girly with a bow over her heart. She pulls it off fabulously! Plus, I'm sure it was good to tumble in. :-)

  2. Yeah, we went to a costume party today and I decided Olivia should have just worn the pajamas again. The costumes bother her. The pajamas don't.

  3. Are you taking her trick-or-treating?