Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We took Olivia "trick or treating" to a total of two houses. She wasn't into it as I expected. She wanted to stay home and draw with sidewalk chalk on the driveway. That's what we did. She did like to steal candy for our stash we were giving away, though. Even though she wasn't into the trick or treating, she did learn to say "tri trea" and repeated that throughout her dinner, bath, and story time before bed. Cute!

And this was Olivia on her way to our neighbor's 2nd birthday party. Thanks, Beki, for the bee costume!


  1. The bee costume and "tri trea" is super cute. Who knows - maybe she's working on her stash of emergency candy.
    Also, I should mention, the reflection of you in the top pic almost looks like you aren't pregnant - just a little shadow on the bottom of you belly gives it away.

  2. I love that grin she has on as she's walking away with some candy!