Friday, September 30, 2011

Back from Indiana

Nicholas went out of town to a conference this week, so Olivia, Puck, and I packed up and headed north. The trip up took about nine hours, but was actually not terrible because I allowed TV in the car. Olivia watched Backyardigans and Thomas and was happy. She took one good nap, which is all I can ask for in the car. Puck was a good traveler, too, for the most part. When Olivia wanted an ice cream sandwich and a banana at a gas station, I allowed that, too. Here is a picture of her with the ice cream sandwich. She ate about 1/5 of it and handed it to me.

We spent the first night with Mutti and dropped off Puck. Olivia wanted to play outside even though it was raining. She had a good time listening to the music Mutti bought her, and playing with her big exercise ball. Olivia didn't sleep well there, though. At 4 AM after Olivia had been up for an hour, I took her to my bed (in the same room). I thought she was going to curl up and go to sleep, but instead she put her head on mine and started telling me stories. Then pulled me to get me up. I put her back in the pack-n-play and slept on the couch. That worked better.

We stayed with my parents the rest of the time. I didn't get pictures until the last night which is entirely unfortunate considering what a good time we had with cousin Jackson and Aunt Beki on Tuesday, Grandma Clara and her chickens and kittens each day, and cousins Abby and Craig each day, too. Olivia probably spent 85% of her waking time outside--petting cows, horses, chickens, and dogs; pretending to be monkeys with Abby and Craig; walking in the woods and the pasture; swinging and saying "Wee!"; playing fetch with the dogs; sliding down the slide and riding the pretend tractor; and just walking around in the yard. Here are some pictures of the last night and morning we left:

Petting horses with Aunt Stephanie.

And cows, too, with cousin Craig and Abby!

Watching Mama pet cows.

"Craig, give me back my camera. I mean it."

Playing with Grandma Dorothy before leaving on Thursday.

Loving all those big dogs!

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  1. Looks like you all had a great trip!! I'm loving Olivia's little denim outfit :) But I'm a bit bummed that the cow's head is blocking my view of your stomach!!!