Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Family update

I have been lax about getting pictures and video of Olivia up here. Bear with me. They will get here sooner or later.

Monday, after a whole week of contractions, I called Dr. Chwe and asked to be seen just to make sure that Baby was okay. Honestly, by this time, I was a little freaked out because the previous Monday they told me to call if I had more than four contractions in an hour. I never did, but I had them consistently two or three an hour, sometimes four, for sustained periods. I went in that day and they hooked me up to monitor my contractions and baby's heartbeat. After twenty minutes, the nurse came in and said someone else was waiting for the monitor, so she would show my printout to the doctor on call since my doctor had to go downstairs and deliver a baby. The doctor on call said not to let me up, to give me a Dr. Pepper, and monitor longer. The baby wasn't moving enough. That scared me. After twenty five more minutes and another contraction, my doctor came in. Everything was okay. The baby must have been sleeping and the Dr. Pepper woke him up. The contractions, though not typical, are not abnormal. My cervix is not dilated and the baby is not putting pressure on it, so that is good. Dr. Chwe reassured me and felt comfortable letting me go home. He said I might have contractions like this for another week, or it might be for the rest of the pregnancy. As long as they are not ripening my cervix, they are just annoying. He scheduled to see me next Monday and again for my regular appointment on November 10th, though. I feel much better knowing that these aren't hurting baby and aren't hastening his arrival. Annoying, I can deal with.

Today I had several contractions. Probably two to three some hours and only one others. They are still waking me at night, though. I think this is just going to be the way it is.


  1. gosh, what an ordeal! I know you know it's worth it....but still! hoping the rest of your pregnancy goes well.

    sidenote: thank you for the invitation to trick-or-treat in your neighhorhood! it looks as though a few houses are pulling together in ours at the last minute, so I guess we'll have halloween after all. thanks again though.