Friday, October 14, 2011

Twenty four week appointment

I had my 24 week appointment yesterday. I feel very lax about blogging about Baby brother since I spent so much time writing about my pregnancy with Olivia. I still haven't gotten another bare belly shot. Hopefully this weekend, we will do it.

I passed my gestational diabetes test, as I suspected I would. I weigh about a half pound less this time around than I did at this same time in my pregnancy with Olivia. That surprised me because I gained seven pounds this month!! Whoa! And I feel that I look bigger. But, Dr. Chwe looked it up and I gained six pounds the month of 20-24 weeks last time. He's not concerned at all and wants me to gain at least 30 pounds total again. Last time I gained 32 pounds. My plan had been to gain more this time around because I thought it might help me make more milk. Now, I just figure, whatever I gain, I gain. I am not going to stress about breastfeeding like I did last time. I am going to do it, and my goal is to do it six months, but if I don't make enough milk and have to supplement, I am not going to beat myself up about it. (See, I said it here first. Remind me if/when I am beating myself up about it.)

I talked to Dr. Chwe about pain alleviation during labor. I have been debating the whole no-pain-meds idea because (1) it was very difficult last time, (2) I am predicting that this baby will be bigger since he is measuring about two weeks ahead, but they aren't changing my due date, (3) I have heard some very delightful labor stories about peaceful labors where mom gets to take a nap during labor--I'm all for naps!, (4) since I know that 48 hours after I have Baby brother, I will be back home taking care of Olivia and Baby, I want to be as well and rested as is possible for someone just having given birth, and (5) I don't think I am in as good of shape this time around since I am doing less yoga. Anyway, Dr. Chwe told me that getting the epidural is better for baby than getting intravenous drugs during labor because an almost immeasurable amount of the drug goes to the baby from the epidural, whereas much more (essentially the same concentration as mom gets) goes to the baby with intravenous drugs. Plus, he allows intravenous drugs during labor up to 9 cm dilation. After that, no more because he wants baby not to be groggy when he comes out. That being said, Dr. Chwe reminded me that second labors and deliveries are usually shorter. (The statistic on this is that the average time it takes a first-time mom to push is 60 minutes. The average time for the second-time mom is 20 minutes. I pushed for 90 minutes with Olivia, but that probably had something to do with her getting stuck on my pelvic bone.) He said that he felt confident that I could do it if I wanted to, barring any emergencies. So, my mind is not made up, and it probably won't be until labor begins, but I am much more open to having drugs during labor this time around.

Also at this appointment, I pre-registered at the hospital and signed up for childbirth classes. This go around we are just doing CPR (as a refresher) and the sibling class where Olivia gets to see the hospital and hear about being a big sister.

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