Thursday, October 27, 2011


This video was from a while ago, but Olivia is so hilarious I thought I would post:

This is when Mom was down here helping. (Thanks, Mom!! This is the only photographic/video evidence you were here. Mom painted the guest bedroom--two walls are cream color and the other two are blue. Bill, you were right. Behr paint covers much better than Valspar. We are going to put up cloud and flower decals. Pictures in the next few weeks as we get the queen bed moved out and Olivia's stuff moved in.) Olivia loves to play the piano, but note that the video ends the same way as the first--wanting the camera:

And here is Daddy and Olivia's new favorite pass time:

Mutti was down to help and got lots done for me. She finished all the rest of the felt leaves for Baby's room, lined all the drawers of the built-in bookcase so that I can move my part of the office out there, and washed and folded lots and lots and lots of baby clothes. Pictures to follow of the tree. It looks fabulous!

This is a picture of Olivia on the bouncer at our HOA party. She still talks about it and says, "I bounced!"

This was one particularly cold morning from a while ago when we went to the playground at seven in the morning. Olivia had to wear her bear house shoes. She didn't want her hood up; she wanted her Hello Kitty hat on. And those mittens are still a favorite. She asks for them on. One morning she wore them to school and wouldn't take them off. The teacher said she wore them for at least 30 minutes inside.

Charlie Bear is still a favorite to take on walks and to play with in general. She also wants him in her lap when she swings.

Olivia loves her Thomas early reader books. That is almost all she wants to read lately. Here is a picture of Mutti reading to Olivia while she was visiting.


  1. Oh my gosh ... that pic of her all bundled up is insanely cute! Looks like she's ready for winter in Mpls ... send her on up for a visit :)

  2. I agree - super cute. That and I think she needs a toy camera. :-)