Friday, October 14, 2011

The zoo and a couple of rough days

Today, Olivia and I went to the Birmingham zoo with a group of moms we know from story time at the library. It went well, given that we were coordinating five kids under 18-months. The weather cooperated beautifully, too. The highlights:

My friend Jennifer and her daughter Mary Grace, who live in our neighborhood and rode with us to the zoo, joined us for a picture. Jennifer is expecting about a month after I am, so both our kids will be in the same classes.

Olivia looking at the elephant.

Looking at the giraffes. I think these were her favorite.

Seeing the vultures.

All the kids in their strollers! Amazing!

We had a great time at the zoo. But, we probably stayed 30 minutes too long. (We stood in line for the train ride for at least 30 minutes that we paid $3.50 to ride, only to give up and leave because all the kids were so fussy.) Olivia was very tired by the time we made it back to the car. She would have slept in the car, but Mary Grace kept talking and laughing. By the time we got home, Olivia was miserable. She only slept about an hour and fifteen minutes, though. She woke up shaking, sweating, and crying. She had a fever of 101.5. My poor girl. This after sitting in an ant hill yesterday afternoon and being bit at least ten times before I got all her clothes off and all the ants off (after only napping for 45 minutes that day, poorly at that--after being up from 3:30-5:30 AM that night from a runny nose). Anyway, she is sleeping now and we are hoping for a better day tomorrow. I have a head cold, too, but no fever. I thought Olivia's runny nose was from allergies because she had no cough and no fever. I guess those just came later.

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  1. Oh! Ant bites can be painful! Poor thing ... hope she's doing better now!