Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A little warning

I've been doing too much. I know it, but my body made me slow down yesterday. Sunday afternoon I took Olivia to the block party our HOA was throwing. They had inflatables for the kids, and Olivia loved the one for the 1-5 crowd that was essentially a flat balloon with zoo animals on it. She could bounce and pet the animals all while holding my hand. I stood next to her and lifted her up and down for about two and a half hours. Then we walked the mile home. I felt bad Sunday night, but it wasn't until after our two mile walk and 45-minutes of playground time that I realized I was having contractions. Not really painful contractions, but contractions I couldn't get to stop just by laying on my side and drinking water. The doctor told me to get off my feet and rest and drink lots of water and call back if I had more than four in an hour. I had four in an hour several times, but not five. So, I took Olivia to a neighbor's and laid down. The contractions stopped around 4:30 PM. I didn't work last night and I didn't go in today because I was up from 11 PM to 1 AM with contractions again. I haven't had more since this morning, and I am feeling better. Mom is here now and she is going to help with Olivia so that I won't be taking her to the playground and going on real walks for a few days. Anyway, I am going to take it easy for a little while, as difficult as that is for me.


  1. Good job. I'm glad your mom is there.

  2. oh gosh! scary!!!

    I know its super hard to relax, especially with #2 on the way, but hopefully this is a good wake-up call for you.

    I would be HAPPY to watch olivia for you anytime. please let me know!!

  3. Glad you have help. Take Care of yourself and the little one. Let me know if you need anything.

  4. Yay for your mom! I hope you will let her take care of you and get some rest while she is there :)