Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Draw, draw"

That is what Olivia says most afternoons. She wants to go outside and draw on the driveway with chalk. Of course, I do most of the drawing. Her latest favorite is for me to draw fish. We also do lots of shapes (circles, squares, and triangles), butterflies, flowers, and lines because those are about the extent of my drawing abilities.


  1. I used to play a game with John and whichever of his friends was over. I would draw several big shapes of different colors, and then I would say "run to the red square" or "run to the yellow heart." It was a good time killer.

  2. She looks so super cute in her coat! She's a little lady :-)

  3. Juliet -- I'll have to try that. Right now she knows circle and square, blue and yellow. We are working on other colors and shapes.

    Heidi -- Abby's coat. I just pulled out the 24 month and 2T clothes and so Olivia has a whole new wardrobe!