Monday, May 30, 2011

Olivia's first beach trip!

Throughout my dad's childhood, his parents took him to Panama City Beach for vacation. Throughout my childhood, Dad took us kids to Panama City Beach, often with his parents, sister, and my cousins, for vacation. This weekend was the first time Olivia was part of the bunch--this time with my parents, my older brother, Wilson, his wife Beki, their four kids, my older sister Stephanie, her husband Brandon, and their two kids. We had so much fun! Honestly, I don't have a lot of pictures because we were too busy doing fun things! Nicholas went deep sea fishing for the first time. Wilson and his son Chris went, too, and they caught quite a bit--enough for us to bring home a cooler full of fresh fish. The kids went riding on a banana boat (a float behind a jet ski), and Stephanie, Brandon, and I went kayaking. We went out to eat together each night, and beached it during the day. It was such a good visit! I miss getting to see my siblings and I hate missing my nieces and nephews grow up. This was a great trip! Here are some pictures that I took (hopefully, Mom, Steph, and Beki will have more to share with me later):

Craig and Abby on their first morning on the beach.

Steph holding Olivia and Abby striking a pose for the picture.

Abby did not mind the sand! Olivia ended up loving the ocean when I took her in swimming with me. She also loved the baby pool where she could walk around in her float, using it like a walker. (I'm hoping Mom has a picture of that!)

Olivia's cousin Christopher held her while her other cousin Madeline held her brother Jackson. So cute! (Olivia used her pac quite a bit on this trip since we were off her napping and sleeping schedule quite a bit.)

On the last night, Olivia tried and LOVED sauted crab claws. She ate twelve of them! I was impressed!

The first dip!


  1. Everyone looks like they had so much fun! I wish I could have been there. :-( My accomplishments were packing sheets, lots of non-seasonal decorations, kitchen gadgets, and utensils. I also cleaned a lot of light fixtures and fans. Your weekend sounds better.

  2. I wish you could have been there, too! We missed you and Alex. I thought about getting a photographer to take a family portrait of all of us on the beach, but without you two, it wouldn't have been the same. Next time!