Saturday, May 21, 2011

For Daddy

Since Nicholas is in Hawaii, I am trying to post everyday so that he doesn't miss his girl too much. (His girl being Olivia, of course!)

Today, Olivia woke up not feeling too well. I knew she wasn't feeling well because she was pretty clingy to me and didn't want to do the things she normally likes to do--play, walk, and babble. We went for our normal walk at about seven with our friend Sylvia. Here is Olivia eating the peaches Sylvia gave us from Chilton County along with her cereal, which she now insists on eating like I do--with a spoon, by herself, with milk on her Cheerios.

A VERY short video, since I apparently didn't know I was filming:

Turned out Olivia had a fever (not high--101) and took three, count 'em, three naps today. She went to bed tonight at 5:30 and I followed suit. She woke up two hours later hungry since she wouldn't take her milk before bed. I'm hoping she sleeps okay for the rest of the night.

I wasn't feeling too well today, either, and I went to sleep around six. I felt quite a bit better after that little nap, and am working now. Oh, a mother's work is never done...and neither is my work for my boss!


  1. Going with the flow, going with the flow.
    I'm glad you got a nap. I hope Olivia feels better soon. Look how far you've already come as a mom, a fever of 101 is already "not high." Think about how you would have felt if Olivia had a fever of 101 and Nicholas was out of town just six months ago!!
    You've come a long way, baby!

  2. Hope you all are feeling better today!