Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Olivia's first week as a one-year old

Monday, Olivia had her one-year check-up. Here are the stats: 23 lbs, 6 ounces (75 percentile), 31.5 inches long (95 percentile), 19 inch head (I don't know about the percentile on that one.). Dr. Roberts did not hear a heart murmur, so that is positive. We are to wean totally from a bottle in the next month or so. Right now, Olivia takes a bottle (of whole milk) before bed and one during the night. She takes cups during the day. Dr. Roberts said to start trying water for that early morning feeding to see if Olivia is actually hungry or if she is just using it for comfort. I'm hoping we can get rid of that feeding, as I am ready to sleep through the night even if Olivia's not!

My girl gets more adventurous every day. And she is hard to get a picture of because she is always on the move....

In her pretty green dress from Amanda, Luis, and Lucas

Sorting her blocks in the bathroom

Getting into a drawer she knows she shouldn't (baby-proofing continues...)

Standing up and getting into another drawer she shouldn't. She reminds me of Lucy from Charlie Brown in this picture.

She won't hold still for a surfer girl picture before our swim playdate with two sweet girls down the street.

And because she is always trying to get out of her big inflatable duck tub, we tried the big tub today.

It was okay...

But change is hard, even on a girl changing so much! (She was climbing into my lap to get out of the tub. She had had enough even though I hadn't rinsed her hair yet.)


  1. Does she have a drawer or cabinet of her own in the kitchen or bathroom that she can get into safely? With her own pots and pans or "makeup?" She's really going to start mimicking you now that she can do so much for herself! It's a fun age!

  2. The little surfer suit looks great on her!