Sunday, May 15, 2011

Olivia's busy life

Olivia's vocabulary is expanding as she tries out new words. She really tries to say a lot! She's been working on "yellow", "bad dog", "bubble", "water", and "balloon". She says "mama", "dada", "dog", "ball", and "apple". Here are couple of videos where I don't capture her saying "bubble", but she is certainly trying.

This Saturday, Olivia went to her friend, Anna's birthday party. (She's the daughter of my friend Amanda, from work.) It was awesome! Better than Olivia's by far because they had a music theme and made little drums from plastic food storage containers and sticks with weather stripping on the end. They also had hats, which Olivia decided she liked after I tried to take her picture! Here are some pictures from the event:

Olivia's walking is really developing, too. We went to the library the other day and she only wanted me to hold on to her hands and have her walk. She could even do it with only holding onto one of my hands, which I thought was especially sweet since it looked like I was just holding her hand. I expect steps in the next month at the latest. (That's a prediction, not a threat! It's okay with me if she doesn't walk for longer than that!)


  1. I definitely heard "bubble"!

  2. I absolutely LOVE your blog. How awesome for you and your family to have so many pictures and information on your cutie pie! I only wish I could have done this for my children because now most of those wonderful memories are forever erased from my failing memory. Your time and effort will always be well worth all the trouble. BTW, I think the title of this segment should be "Mom's Busy Life". lol