Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 3 of Daddy being away

Today was a little rough. Olivia woke up several times during the night after I had gone to bed late. She was again pretty clingly, grumpy, tired, feverish, and didn't want to eat. She took two 35 minute naps before noon. Both the number and the length are unusual for her. She's taking one to two longer naps these days. After her second nap, I changed her shirt because of all the drool she was having today. She was broken out in a rash all over her body--chest, back, arms, legs, and diaper area. I called a nurse I know down the road, and she said it could probably wait on a doctor's visit until tomorrow. Olivia grew more listless, and I called Mom. She thought I should give Olivia's doctor's office a call and see what the nurse on call says. That nurse said get to the ER or urgent care center. I went to the urgent care center, even though I knew they didn't have a pediatrician there. I figured there would be less of a wait. We were in in less than 30 minutes. After seeing the rash and Olivia's swollen, puss-filled throat, the doctor thought it was strep. (No wonder she was drooling; it hurts to swallow.) It wasn't, fortunately, but it they treated it with an antibiotic shot and more antibiotics. That was about 2:30 in the afternoon. By about six o'clock, Olivia acted like she had had a vitamin B12 shot and wanted to play, scream, walk (with me holding her hands), and crawl. I put her to bed with a little protest at seven and she is sleeping now. I'm exhausted. I am going to try to get my house work and work work done by 10. That is probably impossible.

Here are some pictures of my sick girl and her rash. Poor little thing...


  1. Poor little thing! You can really tell that she isn't feeling well in that first picture ... Give her kisses from me!

  2. So they don't know what it was? Sigh. I hate these mysterious childhood illnesses.