Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One year pictures

Are in. See Lindsey Smith's webpage and click on the clients tab. Click on Kraft. The password is Olivia. Please don't "favorite" any pictures, but feel free to look at the ones I have already done. Let me tell you that Lindsey did a fantastic job on these given what she had to work with. Olivia was not having her at all because, although we had just had a great Kindermusik class, we had a terrifying experience when we stopped at a McDonald's right before the shoot. A man tried to grab Olivia and it scared both of us. So, coming from that, these are great! It took a long time just to get these. I think there are several really great ones! The profiles pictures at the end are for Jane since she thinks Olivia has the same profile as Nicholas. I think those pictures turned out super cute!


  1. Love them all! Can't believe how curly her hair is now!

    A man tried to grab Olivia?!?!?!

  2. Yeah, it was a couple of weeks after the tornadoes here. He followed me into the McDonalds' side entrance and tried following me into the bathroom. He was asking for money and grabbing my hands and Olivia's hands. Then he started trying to take her and asked what I thought it would be like to lose my loved ones. He was saying he needed money to get to the Y, but the Y was across the street and there was so much help in town at that time, that I hardly believed he needed to be harassing me. We bolted from there.

  3. SO scary!! Glad you two are ok!