Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The long awaited back yard post

I am finally doing a post on the back yard improvements that Grandpa Bill helped with while he was down in April. Just to refresh everyone's memory, this is what the backyard beds looked like when they were a year old in October of 2009:

Since I did nothing last summer due to having a newborn, the beds were overgrown in spots and bare in spots where the dogs had dug up or peed on the plants. Nicholas suggested putting in landscape timbers to make a raised bed, and Nicholas's dad, Bill, actually did most of the work. When they were finished, the beds looked like this:

I already posted that I put three yards of garden soil on my garden and the raised beds. Then I planted everything, transplanting some plants from other beds in our yard, and planting my garden from seed, except for the tomatoes, which I got in four packs of seedlings. Then I put four yards of mulch on the front and back beds. Here is the result of the raised beds, which will be perennial gardens. The only plants I re-used in these beds were the three hostas. The small plants on the far ends are yellow sweet broom bushes. Everything will get bigger as they get established, so even though the beds don't look full now, give them a year or two and they will.

That straggly looking plant in each bed is a purple lily bush that I transplanted from behind the river birches in our side bed. This is what the other two that remain in that bed look like and what those straggly looking plants should look like next year, I hope. They were extremely difficult to dig up and move. I really hope they make it. I am also concerned about them because Puck and Ringo seem to mark there since they are the tallest right now.

And here is the result of the side garden. In the fence is zuccinni, yellow squash, and cucumbers, with pole beans climbing the fence. Then we have two different types of tomatoes (six plants total), with herbs in the negative space in the zig-zag pattern. Not all of those came up because we had a big storm (not the tornado one) in mid-April that washed seeds away the night after I planted them. Then there are some hot peppers starting, bush beans, and zinnias for Olivia to pick. I am going to re-plant some of the herbs with seedlings from Lowes and I am going to add more flowers--maybe dahlias.

Olivia helped me pull weeds in the garden over the weekend and she had such a good time. She got SO dirty! I'm excited that she is able to be outside more and more--crawling around and playing with the leaves and the dogs. I'm looking forward to a great summer with my girl!

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