Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My adjusted baby, learning, and the Daddy-daughter dance

A church in town is doing free child care if you volunteer to serve the victims of the tornado. Today, I took Olivia for a few hours while I worked at the Temporary Emergency Services building helping to sort the plethora of donated clothes. I was worried about Olivia the whole time I was gone. Olivia, however, didn't seem to mind getting to play with other kids and enjoy a new setting. They said she didn't cry at all, and just talked, crawled, and endeared herself to everyone. My baby is becoming so adjusted! Love that! This is the picture of her with the sticker identifying her as mine (I promise there were not 419 kids there. I checked it out first, and she was in an infant room with maybe five others and two caregivers.):

Olivia is learning SO much everyday. She understands a lot! When I say, "Put the block in the tub," she does, usually. She also understands "out"--as in "take the block out of the tub", "bounce", "music", and "clap", as seen in the next video:

She loves to give people things and have them say, "Thank you." She tries to hide and surprise me when I say, "Where is Olivia?" And, in the past few days, "Mama" is back in her vocabulary, as is "dog". We think we hear other words, too, but don't want to count them until they stay for about a week.

This weekend when Nicholas was working on putting drawers in the bookcases, he and Olivia danced around the room. It was so cute!!

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  1. Those videos were adorable! I need to see her again! Happy Birthday, Olivia!! (This is Stacey, but Mike is logged into gmail :-P)