Saturday, April 30, 2011

The final week of being 0

As we race toward Olivia's first birthday, I thought I would mention some things that are going on now. She is finished with formula, and is totally on whole milk. We are beginning to take away bottles from her routine. She is beginning to give up her pacifier more and more.

Olivia is walking on furniture, motoring around in her walker, and pushing things around, but doesn't have much interest in us holding her hands and encouraging her to walk. She usually wiggles out of that pose and crawls to where she wants to go.

Olivia is making lots of sounds and noises, but the only word she seems to be saying lately is "Dada" or "Daddy". Even "Mama" is rare these days. However, she points to what she want a lot.

Her favorite foods these days are strawberries, peanut butter, ham, and water. Not all at once, of course.

Last week Olivia had tonsillitis and a fever of over 104 three days in a row, including the day of the storm when we had no power and no way to give her a bath. I ended up taking her to our neighbor's for a bath since they had a water heater with a tank. Our tankless one doesn't work without electricity even though it is a gas water heater. That fever worried me because I was giving her Tylenol every four hours and Motrin every six (doctor's orders), but she was hardly drinking or eating. I was afraid of hurting her kidneys. But, she is back to her happy self today.

Some pictures, too:

Olivia loves her wagon. Not just riding it, but also pushing it around the house!

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  1. I can't believe she's turning one next week! Time flies.