Friday, January 4, 2013

My new year's resolution

My new year's resolution is simply to be more grateful. Yes, I hope I make more time for yoga, lose the last of my baby weight, get our house more organized, and treasure all the little moments with Nicholas, Leo, and Olivia, but if I start with a grateful heart, I think the important things will rise to the top, and I will be able to let other things go.

I'll do some catch-up blog posts about Christmas and our travels when we get back and unpacked. We were delayed leaving Alabama due to weather, and then delayed leaving Indiana due to car troubles, so our schedule is late. But, we had a great visit with all the relatives, and the extra time with them was especially welcome since my parents are moving to ND this month.

To start out my resolution right, here is what I am grateful for right now: my husband for being the best packer and unpacker--doing it all without complaints--and driving us all back to Alabama, my sweet Leo sleeping for the first leg of the trip, and for clever Olivia "reading" the books Aunt Vicky bought her for Christmas! I have had tens of minutes of a break in the car to read about my new camera, check my email, and blog!


  1. It sounds like your New Year's resolution is off to a good start!

  2. I love that resolution! Glad you got some extra time with your family.