Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012 (At home with the kids!)

Christmas really snuck up on us this year. Work lingered for Nicholas, and the kids didn't get out of "school" until the Friday before. Then we all got sick. Leo and Olivia were very sick with coughing and fever, and I got it, too. Despite all the yuckiness of that, it was good to have an excuse to relax, watch more TV than usual, and kick around the house. We watched White Christmas one evening that I wasn't feeling well, and Olivia LOVED it. She really liked all the dancing and singing parts, so we made it through the two hour movie in about 25 minutes because we mostly skipped to just those. Here is a sweet video of her dancing to one clip. It's now a favorite!

Christmas Eve was a relaxed day around the house. We made an apple pie for us and oatmeal cookies for Santa and had a "fancy" dinner in the dining room. Leo amazed us by taking about eight unassisted steps out of nowhere! He had been taking a step or two or three and walking with strollers or walkers, but we had a little moment with him doing so much on his own.

Here he is walking Olivia's baby stroller. He isn't picky. He'll use anything with wheels, and he is good about turning it around and getting it unstuck!

Leo's favorite spot in the house continues to be the dishwasher!

Olivia helping with the pie crust.

Opening Grandma and Grandpa's present on Christmas Eve.

Starting our tradition of reading "The Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve.

After our "fancy" dinner, Olivia wanted to use the good plates to leave Santa's cookies. And she wanted to leave him some hot tea, too, in case he was cold! Totally her idea!

The view during the night after Santa came!