Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas program, 2012

Olivia and Leo's first Christmas program was super sweet. Nicholas and I got there at about 9:45, and while we waited for the program to begin, they showed pictures of the children rehearsing on the projectors. I teared up. It was so cute to see the kids doing things without us. Just adorable. Nicholas videoed the whole program and did a great job, but I cannot seem to get it uploaded. Our video camera is AWESOME (thank you, Bill and Tamara!), but I am too ignorant to work well with it. Soon! The videos are really, really cute! In the mean time, here are some pictures from the new camera!

The older kids came on stage first and did a couple of songs. Then Olivia's class came out. There were angels and animals in her class. Olivia's halo immediately came off her head, and she handed it to her teacher. Then she saw me and waved and smiled.

And sang the first song: Silent Night. About half way through, she couldn't see me, I think, and began to look for me...

And got a little upset.

Then Leo came in with the shepherds, as cute as can be. And Olivia started to cry, so I went and got her off stage. That was the end of the program anyway. I asked her why she was upset, and she said that I wasn't talking. I said that I was in the audience and the audience was supposed to stay quiet. She said she just wanted me to talk. Sweet girl!

I definitely think Leo was the cutest and snuggliest lamb!

And after the program each class, except Leo's, had a birthday party for Jesus. So, off came the costumes...

And here comes the fun! Olivia loved having Mommy and Daddy in the room with her. (Sorry, Nicholas took photos of me with the kids, but I forgot to return the favor, and he didn't ask! Whoops!)

I brought Leo from his room to the party!

And everyone had cake!

Leo liked being in the big kids' room.

But was glad to have Mommy, too.

Olivia enjoyed showing off her "baby brother, Leo."

And Leo enjoyed showing off his almost walking skills.

Leo wanted cake, too.

Olivia got a case of the sillies.

And we all had a good time. Both kids were excited to come home early, too!


  1. I love how the shepherds wear their lambs! Brilliant: it's adorable and functional!

    I'm glad the Christmas school event was so fun!

  2. I agree! Looks adorable and fun! I love Christmas time :)

  3. You have such happy and cute children!