Thursday, January 10, 2013

Visiting with Mutti, Charlie, and GG, Christmas 2012

We had a great time visiting Mutti this trip, too! The first night Uncle Chuck joined us for opening presents. He got the kids the biggest gifts ever: a Giga ball (four feet in diameter--you can get in it and roll around--we haven't blown it up yet) and a princess tent. Mutti bought Olivia the blue sparkly dress in the picture below and she wanted to wear it then and forever! The kids love Mutti and Uncle Chuck!

Charlie telling Olivia a secret.

The scene of opening gifts.

Notice the wardrobe change.

 The following day, Mutti and Olivia fought with swords (golf clubs).

And laughed a lot!

Then we visited Nicholas's Grandma who lives with his Aunt Judy.

Did I mention that Leo clung to me the entire trip? I think he thought I was going to give him away as a gift. This is as good a picture as we could get of GG, Nicholas, and Leo.

Notice busy Olivia on the phone in her apron. She is talking to me!

A kiss for Leo!

Aunt Judy watches Nicholas's cousin's daughter who is two months younger than Olivia, so she has great toys!

GG and Nicholas

The whole gang! From left, Jane, Charlie, Grandma, Nicholas, Olivia, Christine, Leo, and Sota

And here were the sleeping arrangements: Olivia and Leo in the pack-n-plays in one room. They had a good time!

Look at Olivia trying to bother Leo.

Leo is so cool!

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  1. Leo's big crocodile tears in that one pic are both sad and adorable! Looks like a lot of fun with the fam :)