Thursday, January 10, 2013

Visiting with Grandpa Bill and Tamara, Christmas 2012

(I know this post is so late, but I wanted to record our visit!) The day after Christmas, we let Leo recover for one more day from being sick and Olivia and Nicholas took some time to ride her new bike around the halls of Shelby Hall on campus and have a picnic in Nicholas's office. We packed up that night and set off for Grandpa Bill and Tamara's house the next day. That evening we had Christmas again at their house. Olivia opened all the presents, and there were a lot! Olivia always loves Grandpa Bill and Tamara, and our visit was really fun! Here are some pictures of the present openings:

Olivia trying on her zoo visor.

Tamara and Bill get the cutest clothes for the kids!

Olivia opened everyone's presents: Leo's, her's, Nicholas's, and mine!

Grandpa and Leo playing around.

Olivia trying on her fuzzy boots that went with her pink robe, which I have pictures of now to post later.

Our day delay made our visit too short, but we had a great time visiting while we were there! We got to see their new house currently under construction, and are super excited to visit them when they move in soon. We also got to see Tamara's office, which is impressive with her numerous staff! Olivia especially liked coloring and playing at Tamara's big desk while Grandpa and Daddy did some computer work.

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  1. It looks like everyone had a good time - especially Olivia as she was able to open a lot of presents. Hooray!