Friday, January 25, 2013

Just hanging out

I learned a valuable lesson when it snowed here last week: play in the snow immediately for it will be gone in a few hours. Leo wasn't feeling well that day, and I didn't want to disturb his long nap, so Olivia and I painted while it snowed (see below). By the time Leo woke, it was time for Olivia's nap, so I put her down. When she woke, we played, but the snow was mostly gone. And, mom of the year, I didn't get pictures! I was kind of under the weather, too!

Let the fighting for the toys begin! Olivia and Leo almost always want the same thing now. I have had to take away toys from the tub because they can't share. Then, every now and then, Olivia surprises me and gives him her toys. Here they were actually sharing. My policy is share, take turns, or I am taking it away.

Here is Olivia trying on the clothes from Aunt Stephanie.

And Leo has discovered the spinning chair. We sing the bathtime song and spin in it, and he loves it! He loves sitting with Olivia, too!


  1. Good sharing policy. Olivia will figure out quickly that it is in her best interest to share. John did... I love that he and Christopher can play together for long stretches of time without my interference.

  2. Such sweet kids. Esp love those last two pics! Leo is SO excited :)

  3. I agree - good policy. I'll have to put that in place when we have several little ones running around.

    Great pictures!