Sunday, January 13, 2013

The rest of the Christmas trip, 2012: The Stemms

Bear with me while I finish posting the last of our holiday trip north. After visiting Nicholas's Dad and Tamara, and then Nicholas's Mom, we headed out to stay with my parents on the farm. Mom and Dad have two guest bedrooms upstairs, so it is kind of like a suite! On the first day out there, Steph and the kids came over for dinner. I can't even remember when we supped where, but we had a great time playing with Grandma Dorothy, Grandpop Steve, Aunty Stephy, Uncle Brandon, cousins Craig, Abby, and Luke. And my cousin Justin was in for a part of our stay with his four-year-old daughter Lily, which was awesome since I hadn't visited with him in years! I won't linger on all the details, but just get to some of the pictures of all the cuteness!

Craig is such a great big brother and a great cousin! I know Leo will always feel included with the boys!

Little Luke had his two-month birthday while we were there! He is so cute and getting so big! I loved seeing him in some of Leo's old clothes!

Leo liked "playing" with Luke. Leo is giving Luke his paci. Leo doesn't know what that is. I wish he did! 

Craig is such a good sport. When I asked to take a picture of him, he just said, "Okay!" and smiled! His Grandma Cindy has him trained!

Lily asked Grandpop to read a story. All the girls wanted in on it! I thought I got better pictures than these. It was super cute in person!

The next day over at Steph's house, this was the scene in Abby's room. The girls' were putting on a horse parade. Stephanie took one look at Olivia when she walked in and said, "Let's fix your hair!" And so she got her first french braids!

Later, Lily shared sparkles with the other girls.

Another day, we had a little Christmas at Grandma and Grandpop's house. Olivia got several really cool books, including a seek and find book from Aunt Heidi and eight books with a little electronic reader that went with it from my Aunt Vicky. I love books that Olivia can really read by herself--especially when we go on car trips!

Leo mostly just crawled around and ate Cheerios during the present opening.

Here are Grandma and Olivia looking at some of those books.

And Olivia giving Grandpop a hug for the horse and Barbie they got her.

All the cousins enjoyed the books during the trip.

Olivia has mentioned repeatedly that she misses her cousins and her Grandma Dorothy. We had to call Grandma the other day. We love Alabama, we just wish it was closer to all of our family!

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  1. Hooray for books. Having all the girls together was super cute. It looks like everyone, even the boys, had a lot of fun.

    You mentioned that Olivia reads in the car! I know she's talented, but I didn't know she was quite that talented!