Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas 2012 -- Just the four of us!

It was so fun to see Olivia's reaction to Santa's visit! She was so excited in the excited that she woke up every hour from three AM to six AM asking if Santa ate his cookies. Leo didn't sleep well either because he was sick. Despite an early start, we were all pretty stoked!

Olivia was up early and ready for presents! She found her rainbow ribbon and glide bike right away!

Each time we opened a gift, we played with it for a while. She wanted to read each book, too!

Of course we had to put on all her princess pads and helmet and try out the bike! (Good thing weather delayed us from leaving for the northern relatives the next day. Instead, Daddy took Olivia to his office and they rode bikes in the halls!)

Thank you, Nicholas, for this camera and the beautiful pictures it takes of our children! I promise to learn more about it so that I can take even better pictures!

I'm always a second off of getting Leo's sweet grin. I will get it one of these days!

Taking some steps!

But it is easier when Mommy helps!

And after presents, homemade (mostly) carmel rolls! Heidi, the smaller pan worked better!

Another pose later that day!


  1. Love all the pics, but especially the last one of Olivia on her bike ... she is ready to ride!!!

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I love that she still wants to play with everything as she opens it.

    Even though you didn't capture a "sweet grin," Leo is still adorable.

    Oh, and Yay to the new camera!