Sunday, October 28, 2012

What else we've been up to...

I feel like the weeks pass SO quickly now that I am working three mornings a week. Then we do gymnastics on Tuesday mornings, and usually do story time on Thursday mornings. Throw in naps, trips to the playground and the grocery store, cleaning the house, cooking, and playing, and "the days are just packed!"

Last Sunday we carved one of the pumpkins, and it still looks good. We didn't get the other one carved today, so it may end up being a Thanksgiving decoration!

Nicholas had another big week last week with an NSF proposal due, so here are the pictures of the kids I texted him one evening when he had to miss dinner. They look wired...

And tired!

I got to go to book club on Wednesday night, which was super fun! While I was there I talked to someone about crock pot cooking, and I happened upon some recipes she pinned on Pinterest. So, I decided I could do it. Between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, I got eight meals prepped for the crock pot and frozen. I'm stoked. I'll post later on how they actually taste!

We had a birthday party on Friday night for our neighbor's daughter, then date night! Saturday seems like a long time ago already. And today we had a birthday party for another neighbor's daughter, and it was a costume party! So fun! Here are my little pets! Pyper turned three and was the witch standing behind my kids. Olivia ran and played with her and I couldn't help but think of how much Olivia has grown up this fall. She never would have just run around with a bunch of kids she didn't know (she knew Pyper, but no one else), prior to this fall.

Olivia is getting more and more interested in Leo and they are starting to "play" together. She makes him laugh. He tries to get her toys. She doesn't share. He cries. She cries. We talk about sharing. She shares. He smiles. She says, "He's smiling." They are doing a good job, really, and I am excited for more and more kid play time!

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  1. I'm so glad you are getting more independent and cooperative play from Olivia!!! I love it now that John's friends can come over and just go to his room and get on with it. A big mess results, but the time bought without having to entertain them is so worth it!! We are also just turning Christopher and John out of the house when we all get stir crazy, and they usually manage to cook up something together happily for at least a little while before someone gets hurt or cranky!

    I also LOVE crock pot cooking! I hadn't thought of creating freezer packs for them though! That's so cool. Sometimes I do that with casseroles. I make a bunch that share time-intensive ingredients, like sauteed veggies or cooked chicken, and make double batches of three recipes or so... I don't have a good system down, but I can at least get 5 or so meals in the freezer when I have a burst of the cooking mood!