Monday, October 15, 2012

A dangerous age

That is how I describe Leo's age right now. He is super cute and I am so excited with how much he is starting to communicate--he is saying "Mama" and "Dada" sort of. He is also entering into a separation anxiety phase where he doesn't really want to go to "school," and he cries as soon as Daddy comes home because he wants to be picked up by him. But the part of this age that terrifies me is that he is so mobile and so ignorant of consequences. He is pulling up on everything and is starting to try to climb. He is starting to cruise on furniture. He pulled up on our dresser the other day while I was next to him dusting it. Then he slipped and hit his head on it and got a pretty big bruise. He pulls up on the piano stool, which swivels, but hasn't fallen yet. He has pulled over a small end table in our living room and his wooden block of toys that is similar to those in a doctor's waiting room. Each with some tears, but he is pretty resilient.

Early last week we had a cold snap, and I got some pictures of the kids on the way to the playground. I love kids dressed in warm clothes! Especially these two!

And I have been meaning to post some Olivia conversations.

Every night at dinner, Olivia says, "Daddy, can you tell me about your day at work?"

I'm not sure how this came up, but we were talking about hair on our heads.
Olivia: Daddy, you don't have any hair on your head!
Nicholas: No, I don't.
Olivia: It's all on your face!
Nicholas: (laughing)...(and then later when he was giving her a bath in our bathroom)
Olivia: The razors are up there. You can use them to get the hair off your face. Then you'll be a regular daddy.


  1. Than you'll be a regular Daddy! You'll need more books with facial haired-fathers. :-) Too funny.

    And, you're right. It does sound like a dangerous age. I guess bumps come with the territory, but I'm sure it doesn't make it any easier.

  2. Those bumps are badges of honor!
    John nearly busted a gut a few weeks ago doing some sort of ninja move and the pediatrician assured me that kids are unlikely to do any serious damage when falling from their own height.
    We're in that phase with Christopher now. Tony and I always joke that people are going to think we're abusing him because he has so many bruises!

  3. I love hearing all the hilarious things that Olivia says! And sounds like Leo is going to be your little rough-and-tumble boy :)