Saturday, October 20, 2012

The great pumpkins!

Because the really good pumpkin patches are at least an hour and a half away, this year we decided to just do a pumpkin patch that a church not too far away puts on each year. We had a good time, and got some cute pumpkins! Maybe next weekend we will get them carved! Olivia loved picking some out and helping Daddy carry them! Leo just wanted to crawl everywhere and look cute! He did a great job!

"I want this one, Mama!"

"This one is too heavy!"

"I'll help you carry it, Daddy."

I tried to get a good picture, but everyone was looking in different directions. Sigh.

Same thing. They are pretty cute, though, even when they aren't looking at the camera!

Daddy's little helper.

Sort of talking.


  1. Looks like so much fun! I wish I had some outdoor space for carving pumpkins!

    1. You should totally do it inside! You could still light up the jack-o-lantern on Halloween!

  2. Look at Leo holding on to the wagon! It won't be too much longer before he is walking!

    1. OMG! Don't say that! I was just thinking it today when he pulled up on my leg and stood for a couple seconds on his own. Too soon!