Sunday, October 7, 2012

And...his tenure packet is in!

Last week was a big one for Nicholas! I never mention how hard he is working at work--how many graduate students he manages, how many different classes he has prepped since coming here, how involved he is in his department, how much research he is continually doing including all the proposals and reports to initiate and justify it, how many papers he reviews for various journals, how available he is to his undergraduate students, how much effort he puts into his mentoring, and in general how hard he works. I am sure that I don't know how hard it is, but I appreciate all the effort he makes for our family. And I am really proud that he has submitted his tenure packet as of Friday! Over three hundred pages documenting all the work he has been doing! I believe he finds out sometime in the spring about the results.

Leading up to that submission, he had several late nights last week. This is how the kids and I spent our time while Daddy was working:

Leo got his first ear infection this week. We had a horrible, awful night on Monday. Tuesday we went to the doctor and they prescribed him amoxicillin. This is a picture of us at Publix picking up the medicine. I love that they can sit together! I swear that did happen! Olivia looks teary-eyed because (1) Leo got a shot, and (2) we didn't get to go to gymnastics. Leo started to feel better that night, but he broke out in a rash. I thought it might be a drug allergy since Nicholas is allergic to penicillin, so I was worried and took him back to the doctor the next day on my way to work. He's not, thank goodness. The rash was probably a heat rash or viral rash.

We went to the playground later that day just so that I could get a walk in and so the kids could burn up a little energy on the tennis courts. Olivia is such a good big sister, helping Leo. And Leo is fearless. Olivia would kick the ball across the tennis court, and Leo had no problem crawling after it.

We went to the playground/tennis courts every afternoon for exercise. Olivia likes to push Leo on the swings.

One afternoon, Mary Grace and JP joined us with my friend Jennifer. It's so nice to have a little adult conversation intermixed with the kids playing! Here are the girls "racing."

And here are the boys "playing."

And here are the kids settling down for the night one night that Nicholas didn't make it home in time for bedtime.


  1. I love that their "getting ready for bed" involves bouncing. Burn up that last bit of energy! Maybe that's what Mom was thinking of with "pinchers." :-)

  2. Congratulations to Nicholas!! I can't believe it's already that time. Now at least, it's all out of your hands...
    And kudos to the rest of you for surviving!!

  3. Forgot to say, congrats for Nicholas getting his packet in. That's a lot of work getting a portfolio together.