Tuesday, October 2, 2012

So much is happening all the time!!

Really, there is so much going on all the time, that I am finding it difficult to make time for blogging. So, in this post you get loads of pictures and not much text.

Playing in Olivia's room with the horses Grandpop Steve bought them for Christmas.

On Friday, playing in our room while I finished getting dinner ready.

After her first haircut, a la Mommy.

Leo is pulling up to standing, climbing on things, crawling everywhere, getting his 5th and 6th teeth, eating more finger foods, and just generally growing up too fast.

On Saturday, we had a big day! We went to the mall in the morning. The highlight for Olivia was the 25 cents of candy I bought her and throwing ten pennies in the water fountains. Then we went to Chic-fil-a for lunch and play time. Then, we went to tailgate at the Alabama game in the evening. Olivia had such a great time! She played with Leo in the car, saw the sights on campus, and bounced in the inflatables on the quad. Then we stopped by Nicholas's office on the way home and heard some echos. She loved it! At bed time, she kept saying, "I'm not ready for today to be over!"

Sunday was rainy and an inside day for playing and painting. Olivia and I got the giggles and were so excited to get outside on Sunday evening after spending all day inside!

Olivia and Leo continue to do great at school. Olivia never cries when I drop her off anymore. The drop-off line has made a big girl out of her--carrying her own back pack up the stairs and into the building. Last month they learned about the letter F, the numbers 1-5, the five senses, and friends and family. This month they learn about the letters A, H, B, and P and the numbers 6-8. They are on a fall harvest unit right now. The stories Olivia tells about school are hilarious, and I will try to dictate some soon!


  1. I love the great pictures! Olivia's sandals are super cute, her haircut looks great, and the the two of you giggling together is adorable!

    Leo looks so happy crawling and pulling up on the dishwasher and steps. Very cute pea and cereal puff eating, too!

  2. we must have just missed you guys on the quad! my kids love those inflatables too.

    and I LOL'ed :) when I read about the 25 cent highlight of Olivia's day!!

  3. Great post. You guys are having so much fun!
    I'm soooo glad you have a drop off line. That makes life so much easier when you have two kids!

  4. Love, love, love all the pics!! AND that you look so happy :)