Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat!

<p>We had three Halloween events this week that required costumes. We did Sorority row Trick-or-Treating for the first time on Monday. We started with several other moms and their kids, and the picture is cute, I think. It was chilly and windy, so even though Olivia got tons of candy, Leo had a bit less of a good time. There were so many people there that it was hard to stay with the other moms we started with. But the sorority girls were super friendly and very generous with candy and compliments, so I'll bet we do it again next year.

Wednesday, Olivia and Leo's school had a fall festival. They had bouncy house, face painting, crafts, games, and snacks. Then Olivia's class had a party in their room. I went to that, and Olivia was super excited to see me. She gave me a hug, and then three other little girls did, too. Olivia peeled the last one off of me to give me another hug. It was fun to see her little friends, put names with faces, and see their interaction with their teacher, Miss Erin, who they love.

Next up was real trick or treating in our neighborhood. Olivia and Leo alternated riding in the wagon, although they both could have. Olivia was a little more shy and hesitant than I expected given that she already trick or treated on Sorority Row. The difference was that she is a little scared of men. But, she went to the door with Nicholas or me at houses she knew and filled her bucket again. Leo again had less of a good time, but hung in there. He started out liking the wagon ride, but then wanted to be carried. Olivia liked helping give out candy once we got home, too. Oh, and she loved eating the candy, of course! Altogether a great Halloween!

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  1. Cute! I hope you got to partake of some of that candy too :)