Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oh, the games we play!

I don't think I've done a posting lately about all the creative "games" we play around our house and other things we do to fill the time, learn, keep occupied, and try to get things done.

We often play "Mom's Morning Out" where Olivia is Mommy and I am Olivia. I started this game on one particularly rough morning when Leo was having a hard time taking his nap because of Olivia singing and being loud. So, I suggested we go to the garage to get away from his room. We started playing in the van. Olivia wanted to drive and "drop me off" at Mom's Morning Out. The play has escalated so that Olivia picks out my clothes for her to wear, we pack a "lunch", and then she loads up the car, usually with toys. Then we "drive" to MMO where she asks me to say, "I don't want to go to school." I say that. Then she says, "Well, you have to. I'll pick you up after lunch." Here she is in my "work clothes."

We often play chef, too. I usually suggest this for a game while I am trying to unload the dishwasher or fold laundry. I push Olivia's stairs up to the stove, give her a pan, and she gets out spoons, plastic vegetables and fruit, and other random kitchen utensils and cooks. Today, though, in the midst of it, I made semi-homemade cinnamon-carmel rolls with frozen bread dough. They turned out great! Thanks, Heidi, for the recipe.

We often act out one of Olivia's princess stories about Belle taking a book outside to read, going back into the castle (our house) to pack a picnic lunch, and then going back out only to discover a wild pony. We do each of those things, and we alternate turns on who is Belle and who is the pony. We pretend little marshmallows are sugar cubes and line them up to lure the pony near. Then we use a dog leash as a halter to catch the pony and lead him back to the stable. (No picture for this one.)

Olivia likes to pretend the back of the van is our clubhouse. Olivia, Leo, and I get in the back of the van and pretend we are Ruby, Louise, and Max from the Max and Ruby books/TV show. We usually have a backpack filled with toys. Leo is the pesky brother who is "always causing trouble," which Olivia likes to mention a lot.

Olivia is getting more and more into her tricycle and is doing a better and better job of pedaling on her own. I usually stand about twenty feet away and have her pedal towards me. Yesterday she wanted to pedal down the sidewalk. I asked where she was going, and she replied, "Vacation!" I asked where that was, and she said, "Birmingham." So, we pretended she was going to Birmingham for vacation by running around the front yard singing "Birmingham, Birmingham!"

Lately, we've been playing "goats" a lot since Mom texted pictures of the goats they have. Olivia is called either Gilda or Glenda, and I am the other. Leo is Georgie. We run around the backyard, pretend the tent is the barn, pretend that a blanket in front of the tent is the paddock, and that the back hill is a mountain. Gilda usually escapes from the barn out to the field and I have to lead her back to the paddock. Then we go to the mountain to collect leaves for her to eat.

We also play a lot of "Goldy," who is Pinkalicious's unicorn. Goldy likes to eat pumpkins, broccoli, and carrots and is always taking the farmer's vegetables. Nicholas or I am the farmer. This game is usually played on our bed for some reason. I'm not sure how that started.

Olivia still likes to dress up in a ballerina tutu and play "Tutu Tilly," which is one of her favorite book characters from the Adele Gerras books. She does this in the office on her big girl bed. She recites lines from the books, twirls, does plies, and jumps. She likes for us to say, "I don't know if you can..." whatever--put your leg up to the beam, jump, twirl, etc. and then get super excited when she does it.

We do some painting or coloring almost every day. She likes for Daddy to take her "art" to work. But she doesn't want him to keep it too long. She wants him to bring it back to hang on the refrigerator again.

Today we made a Haunted House from a kit from Target. I am impressed how well it turned out given that a two-year-old did most of the decorating and that a one-handed-mama put it together, as I was holding Leo.


  1. love her little imagination!!! and you are super-mom for going along with all of these games :)

    especially the max & ruby "pesky" little brother one. we love that show.

    and vacation to birmingham.....she's easy to please, right? forget disney world, just take her to b'ham! HA!

    1. I wonder how the girls would play together. Olivia also likes for me to tell her stories about her going over to her friends house and all the fun things they would do. I wonder what would happen if we really had a friend over!

      And I'm hoping she remains easy to please! Birmingham, here we come!

  2. Olivia does have an excellent imagination. That is wonderful!

  3. All that imagining would exhaust me! Go Mama! :)