Sunday, October 7, 2012

To the zoo, we go!

On Saturday, we made it to the Birmingham zoo and had a great time! Thanks, Mom, for the Louisville Zoo pass, which gets us into most zoos around the nation for free! The weather was a little colder than we expected, but we had a great time. Here are some highlights:

"Boo at the Zoo" has started, and although our kids aren't old enough for it yet, we did get to see lots of Halloween decorations and cartoon character cut-outs, which Olivia really liked.

We saw elephants, real and statues. (As a side note, here is my post from last year when we went to the zoo. Wow! What a difference a year makes! That first picture on the old post is right next to this elephant.)

We had a fun train ride--Leo's first!

The giraffe area has been re-done since last year and is called "Giraffe Encounter" because of the decks built so that the giraffes can walk right up to you. You can pay to feed the giraffes, too, and we would have, but we missed the window. It looked like fun! At least we got to see them up close!

There is a small petting zoo area that Olivia really liked. They had goats, pigs, geese, a llama, and a horse. Here she is with the horse she named "Buttercup."

Leo was less interested in Buttercup.

They also had a butterfly garden. We only saw one butterfly, but at least the flowers were pretty.

Olivia's favorite part was the carousel, which she called the merry-go-round. She was VERY excited about this part since she did it at the Louisville Zoo several times. Now, it is a zoo tradition. (Good thing to remember, though, is that the carousel only runs on the hour at the Birmingham Zoo, and the train is every thirty minutes. Kind of bizarre, I thought.)

And everyone got naps on the way home. I was tickled that this is how Olivia and Leo rode.


  1. That last picture is just too precious!

  2. Yay to the zoo. We have a wonderful one here & we are members, so the little extras aren't extra!