Monday, August 20, 2012

The zoo with Grandpa and Tamara

On Saturday (two Saturdays ago's hard to get anything done when your baby doesn't sleep), we spent the day with Grandpa Bill and Tamara. Because Olivia slept in until ten AM, we skipped nap time and did the zoo most of the day. We had a great time! (Thanks here to my mom for the zoo pass, which gets our family of four into Louisville zoo free and about 45 other reciprocal zoos, too!) Saturday was a beautiful day, so we, along with the rest of Louisville, decided to get out-of-doors and spend the day at the zoo. Here the kids and I are at the start of the day. Yes, Leo is holding his toothbrush, and Olivia does not look interested at all because she is eating her snack.

Olivia enjoyed being the one to call the shots primarily. "Do you want to see the giraffes?" Yes!

Daddy carried Olivia for much of the trip because the stroller was too low for her to have a good view.

Grandpa Bill was the caterer for the event, supplying us all with popcorn, ice cream, hot dogs, and drinks at appropriate times. We all felt like a day out at a ball game with all the treats! Loved it! Especially Olivia, who held on to her ice cream cone until it literally fell apart when we were looking at the tiger.

I won't even try to name all the animals we saw, but there were many including the giraffes, elephants, tigers, seals, and sea lions. Here we are watching the seal and sea lion show. I don't have even one picture of Tamara facing the camera, but you can see her in pink in this picture. Olivia really talked a lot with Tamara this trip. I can see that they are going to be buddies!

At Olivia's request, and from Bill and Tamara's pocket since Nicholas and I weren't carrying cash, we visited the limited time Dinosaur exhibit. It was a little scary for Olivia at first, but she loved the baby dinosaurs cracking out of their eggs. Here are the Krafts (born into the name) together.

And last, but not least, Nicholas took Olivia on the carousel. She, Leo, and I did that on our last trip and she requested to go on it right when we entered the zoo. I said we could at the end, and she did not forget on our way out!

After the zoo, we stopped by Bill and Tamara's house that is undergoing major renovations and additions. It is going to be amazing. I can hardly wait to see the finished product....I am sure they can hardly wait, too!

After settling all of our stuff at their rental house for the night, and Olivia and Leo being showered with gifts--Dora coloring pages and Mr. Potato Head and a Hello Kitty jacket for Olivia and a stuffed toy and Carter's fall outfit for Leo--we headed to dinner. Olivia was incredibly well behaved given that (1) service is not immediate at nicer places and (2) she hadn't had a nap at all that day. The food was fantastic! Leo was pretty much done, as was Olivia, by the time we left, and we called it a day when we got back. What a great and full day with Grandpa and Tamara!


  1. It looks like you had a great time up there. I love that Leo played with a toothbrush - very fitting with a long line of dentists in the family.

  2. Looks like you had a fun trip!